Sezu also known as 杉の人 (sugi no hito) or rlldi (artist name) is a lyricist and illustrator most known for his lyrics for the songs "Rin-chan nau" and "Len-kyun nau" in the collaboration with Owata-P, he's also the author of the novel "Rin-chan nau". He'd done several collaborations mainly with Kagome-P and Faye-P.

Other notable songs from Sezu include a parody of Story of Evil, "Aku no Happy End" which was his first video up to reach Nico Hall of fame (exceeding 100,000 views hit), and also "Kokoro Another: Lambda Organ". Several of his works are mostly parodies of songs.

STATUS:December 2007 → Present
URL(s)Nico Nico, Twitter (rlldi), Twitter (Sezu)
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Sezu Mylist

  1. "Wonder Project V Opening Theme" (Len) (Dec.31.2007)
  2. "Sugi wa Sensou" (Rin) (Apr.13.2008)
  3. "Aku no Happy End" (Len, Rin) (May.15.2008)
  4. "Dai dorobou pattu porottsu" (Miku) (Dec.26.2008)
  5. "Kokoro Another: Lambda Organ" (Kaito, Gackpo) (Mar.03.2009)
  6. "Kokoro Another: Lambda Organ -Episode ZERO-" (Len, Rin) (Mar.17.2009)
  7. "Hajimete no sugi ni kakaru toki" (Len) (Apr.14.2009)
  8. "Aoiro Rhapsody" (Len) (May.03.2009)
  9. "Botan" (Miku) (Nov.12.2009)
  10. "Takakai no doutei" (Len) (Dec.27.2009)
  11. "World is Mine" (Rin) (Dec.30.2009)
  12. "Renai Circulation" (Yuki) (Jan.20.2010)
  13. "Bloody Valentine" (Rin, Yuki) (Feb.13.2010)
  14. "Kafun Goukai" (Len) (Apr.08.2010)
  15. "Kafun Goukai x Roshin yuukai" (Len, Rin) (Apr.08.2010)
  16. "Dokusaisha Himawari More Adolescent mix" (Rin) (Aug.04.2010)
  17. "Twinkle" (Rin) (Dec.27.2010)
  18. "High fi Girl" (Rin) (Jul.21.2011)
  19. "CLOSE" (Rin) (Sep.23.2011)
  20. "Rin-chan Nau" (Miku, Luka) (Dec.27.2011)
  21. "Money? Or dream?" (Rin) (Apr.24.2012)
  22. "Len-kyun Nau" (Miku, Luka) (Dec.27.2012)

rlldi Mylist

  1. "Dokusaisha Himawari More Adolescent mix" (Rin) (Aug.04.2010)
  2. "innocent girl" (Yuki) (Dec.06.2010)
  3. "twinkle" (Rin) (Dec.27.2010)
  4. "Anniversary Place" (Yuki) (Apr.07.2011)
  5. "Tsuki Matsuri" (Rin) (Feb.29.2012)
  6. "DREAM OBSERVER" (Miku) (Dec.17.2012)

Songs / Featured WorksEdit

CLOSE*2 (song)

Uploaded 2011.09.23 Featuring Kagamine Rin
Music Kagome-P (music), sezu (vocal manipulate), T@TSUYA (guitar) Main article CLOSE*2 (song)
Lyrics Kagome-P
Video mikepochi (logo design), naoto_n (video)
This song has entered the Hall of Fame.

リンちゃんなう! (Rin-chan Nau!)

Uploaded 2011.12.27 Featuring Hatsune Miku, Megurine Luka
Music Owata-P Main article リンちゃんなう! (Rin-chan Nau!)
Lyrics sezu
Video Hiro Tamura (illust)
Owata-P's 94th original Vocaloid work; a song about Miku and Luka obsessing over Rin. This song has reached over 1,700,000 views and is featured in the game Project DIVA F.

レンきゅんなう! (Len-kyun Nau!)

Uploaded 2012.12.27 Featuring [Hatsune Miku, Megurine Luka
Music Owata-P Main article レンきゅんなう! (Len-kyun Nau!)
Lyrics sezu
Video Hiro Tamura (illust)
The sequel to "Rin-chan Nau!". This song has reached over 300,000 views.
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