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In October 2014, VOCANESE promoted their official eyewear line, created by KMYK Design. The glasses were inspired by Tianyi and Yuezheng Ling's characters for the song, March Rain.

In November 2014, VOCANESE promoted the limited edition Luo Tianyi inspired headsets, created by LEMON SOLO.

In January 2015, VOCANESE promoted a 2015 calendar, celebrating the Year of the Ram. All characters were featured in the inside contents, including Ling and Zhanyin Lorra who appear on the cover. Longya appears in the inside contents.

In February 2015, official products created and sold by Manchy, were promoted by Vsinger. Merchandise included folders, a poster of the Vsinger cast, and a travel mug.

In October 2015, key ring charms were created for the Vsinger cast. There were also folders featuring fanmade "Rock" designs for the cast.[1]

In September 2016, Stardust 2017 calendars were revealed.[2] Later that month, it was announced that Quadimension was partnering with AIMON to produce and distribute Stardust mugs and pillows. The mug's design was drawn by Kaze, while the pillows' designs were drawn by Kaze and Bison Cangshu.[3]

In December 2016, it was announced during a livestream that Tianyi would receive new merchandise, however, these pieces would only be available for a limited amount of time. Merchandise includes: a USB cable, a USB drive, a smartphone stylus pen, and a mug with her and Tian Dian on it.[4]

In October 2017, skincare products were produced and featured Tianyi on the packages.[5]


T-shirts were created based on Luo Tianyi with three variations. Two had pictures with Tianyi's head on them, one with various expressions on it, and another simply saying "VOCALOID CHINA" on it with a large "V" along the side.

On February 25, 2015, official t-shirts by Manchy were revealed. One used the individual boxart or conceptual designs of Tianyi, YANHE, Ling, and Lorra, while the others were pixel versions of them. Later in the same year, more shirts were produced that featured full boxart designs of Tianyi, YANHE, and Ling.

In Spring 2016, a design contest was held for Tianyi, YANHE, Ling and Qingxian in collaboration with AScosing and BCY.net. The contest focuses on creating an outfit for the girls that revolves around "Spring Garden" or "Summer Forest" and it was encouraged that artists drew inspiration from animals, plants, insects, flowers, or birds. Artists could choose one VOCALOID to design for or give designs to all four of them. The winning designs would be made into real outfits that consumers could wear and would be available for purchase.[6][7][8]

On April 14, the winners were revealed. Setsuya was the winner for designing all four of the girls and received 6000 RMB. Her theme was "春庭·镜花水月" (Spring Garden·Flower in the Mirror). 斐翔c-拖延症候群小咩, 夕亚人, 若木生华, and icece were the winners for drawing only one of the girls. 斐翔c-拖延症候群小咩 designed Tianyi, 夕亚人 designed YANHE, 若木生华 designed Qingxian, and icece designed Ling. They won 2000 RMB. All winners received six months worth of revenue from the sales of the apparel and a certificate of honor from Vsinger.[9]

On May 20, Quadimension hinted that Stardust would be receiving her own t-shirts. These were later made available on Quadimension's taobao shop.[10]

In June 2016, SHN collaborated with VALUE SOUL to create two different types of necklaces based on each Vsinger character. One set consisted of vertical necklaces that are color coded for each Vsinger character: blue for Tianyi, green for YANHE, red for Ling, black for Longya, purple for Qingxian, and white for Moke. Each of these necklaces had treble clefs decorated on it. Another set of necklaces had either Tianyi's or Longya's Sanskrit character on it within a circle. Lastly, there are four different rings with the Sanskrit characters for Tianyi, Ling, or Longya, or the charm on YANHE's jacket. There is also another ring available with Tianyi's angel wing decorated on it, but it is only found through VALUE SOUL's taobao.[11]

In September 2016, SHN announced another design contest for Tianyi, YANHE, Ling, and Qingxian. The theme focuses on the nature of the Autumn or Winter seasons and the winning designs would be made into real wearable outfits, much like the Spring or Summer contest before. However, this contest only accepted group artwork rather than a single character. The winners would receive revenue from the sales of the apparel and a certificate of honor from Vsinger.[12] Setsuya was in first place, Moyouxi was in second place, Shisi Zhizhi was in third place, and Xiyaren was a runner up.[13]


A figurine of Tianyi appeared in the YAMAHA VOCALOID shop as part of her promotion. It was issued with the Deluxe version of her software. It was also available on Taobao. A second smaller figurine had also appeared since.

A plush of Tianyi's fairy, Tian Dian, was developed and sold through Taobao.

A garage kit Luo Tianyi figure by Meng Zhai Tang was announced on July 31, 2015.[14] However, activities regarding this figure's production ceased in February 2016. It is unknown if this figure would ever be completed.

A design contest was launched for Luo Tianyi, YANHE, Yuezheng Ling, Stardust, Yuezheng Longya, Zhiyu Moke, and Mo Qingxian. The designs would be used for miniature figures that would be crafted by HobbyMax. Fans created different outfits for the characters and were not restricted to their official designs. They were also able to design for one or more characters. On December 7, the top twenty designs were revealed and fans were able to vote for their favorite set.[15] These figures are about 5 centimeters tall and would be sold in packages of 8: the 6 Vsinger characters, Stardust and a bonus character (later revealed to be Mr. V, Shanghai HENIAN's spokesperson). The contest was started on November 16, 2015 and ended on December 5. The winner was revealed to be Lai Lei QWQ and the theme was "The Language of Flowers" (later renamed to "Floriography").[16][17] The figures were later made available on taobao and other online shops.

A figure created by Myethos and designed by ASK was revealed. This figure was put on pre-order in 2016 and was set for a June 2017 release.

A Stardust figure created by HobbyMax and designed by TOMATO was shown.[18] This figure was put on pre-order on June 22, 2017 and was set for a February 2018 release.

A lemon-themed Luo Tianyi figure created by Good Smile Company and designed by TID was confirmed to be in production.[19]


Mobile App[]

In May 2016, Tianyi received her own set of emoji stickers for WeChat. The stickers were drawn by 2LH.[20]

Main article: Mobile OS Apps

AR App[]

A limited Luo Tianyi AR App was released by VOCANESE.[21] The AR card and application could be obtained through the VOCANESE website. After pointing the camera to the card, a 3D Luo Tianyi figure will dance on the mobile phone.[22]


Luo Tianyi has her own game known as VOCANOVA,[23] which is available as an app for the iPad. There is currently a lite version of the game in the iTunes App store.[24] VOCANOVA is currently available to the China iTunes App Store only, and is not purchasable or downloadable in any other iTunes stores worldwide.

Tianyi, YANHE and Ling are featured in the mobile video game, Zion, which was developed by aquatrax in collaboration with Shanghai HENIAN.

Stardust appears in the game "Witch Weapon" and has her own witch costume available. The theme song for the game, Interval, was done by Senjougahara Yousei and featured Stardust's vocals.[25]



Main article: Vsinger Anime

Tianyi was the first VOCALOID to be featured in her own animation series. The series was released as a 5 part PV set. On May 15 at CFO3, the full first PV was made available. The rest of the VOCALOID CHINA cast debuted in the following episodes.


From July 1, 2015 to October 1, a song writing contest was held. Participants could only use Tianyi, YANHE, and/or Ling's voicebanks and the themes were: Idyllic Land of Peach-Blossom Spring (桃花源), Midsummer Night (仲夏夜), and To Youth (致青春).[26]

From February to March 2017, a song and design contest for the Vsinger characters was launched. For the song contest, only Tianyi, YANHE, and/or Ling could be used in original songs. The first prize winner would have their song featured in the Vsinger Live 2017 concert. The top 3 winners would have an opportunity to attend the concert for free. Runner ups, the winners, and participants whose songs achieved popularity in the contest would also receive prize money. For the design contest, artists must create original new designs for the six members of Vsinger. The winner, runner ups, and participants whose designs achieved popularity in the contest would receive prize money.[27]



Either prior to or shortly after Luo Tianyi's release, there was a convention and conference held for fans of the Chinese VOCALOID. The convention took place on a college campus, where students and anime fans alike interested in learning more about her came to be educated on what exactly she was, and how to use her. Visitors and participants also had the opportunity to test out a beta version of VOCANOVA during the visit. The convention was overall a form of promotional advertisement aimed at gaining a larger following in the Chinese fandom.

A second conference was held on December 13, 2013, which was also held on a college campus. This was also a form of promotional advertisement, however, it also included information on YANHE, the newest Chinese VOCALOID at the time. According to Taobao, tickets could be purchased at 0.10 yuan.


On July 29, 2013, VOCANESE participated in the NHK WORLD event held in China. Luo Tianyi and YANHE were both confirmed to appear at the event, however, only photos of YANHE's debut were available. The official promotional video for the song, 梦之雨 (Rain of Dreams) by Dr. Yun was showcased. SeeU is also seen in the picture, but it is unclear why she was presented at the event.

She appeared in an airline flyer in March 2014.[28]


Tianyi, YANHE, and Ling made an appearance the ChengDu CAF Game&Comic Con from September 19 to the 21st.[29] This was Ling's first concert performance.

A concert featuring all six Vsinger characters was slated for June 17, 2017.[30] This was known as the Vsinger Live concert and marked Yuezheng Longya's, Mo Qingxian's, and Zhiyu Moke's first concert appearance. Qingxian's and Moke's voicebanks made their debut with "Ace" and "Xūnǐ Shàonián".

All six Vsinger characters and Stardust were invited to perform at Bilibili Macro Link 2017 along with VOCALOID IA, Miss Monochrome, and MUTA's YANXI.[31]

Tianyi, Ling, and Longya were invited to perform live on Hunan TV for the Mid-Autumn festival on October 4, 2017.[32] They performed "Cǎiyún Zhuī Yuè" (彩云追月) with the Taiwanese band Lion.[33]

The Vsinger cast was scheduled to appear at bilibili Macro Link 2018 on July 20. This date was reserved specifically for them and the mascots of bilibili, 22 Girl and 33 Girl.[34][35]

Luo Tianyi[]

In February 2016, Tianyi performed live on HuNan TV Gala in celebration of the Lunar New Year. She sang Huār Nà Jí with a singer named Yang Yuying.[36]

Luo Tianyi was invited to perform at the Bilibili Macro Link of 2016, hosted at the Mercedes Benz Arena in Shanghai on July 23.[37][38] More information could be found on the Luo Tianyi V4 page.


Picture compliments of Vsinger official Facebook page

On May 24, 2014, YANHE made an appearance in "The First or the Last" concert, singing two of her own songs: "心之光" (Light of the Heart) by TiàonǎnP, and "刀剑春秋" (The Age of Swords and Blades) by litterzy.

The concert was a success according to the letter written by Dr. Yun and was posted on Vocaloid Empire as a huge "thank you" note to the fans. Vsinger has uploaded official photos on Weibo and Facebook.[39]


A new 3D model was shown and a first live concert for Stardust was announced on April 23, 2017.[40] Further details about this concert is currently unknown.


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