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Shanghai Wangcheng (上海望乘信息科技有限公司 Shànghǎi Wàngchéng Xìnxī Kējì Yǒuxiàn Gōngsī) was a Chinese company that initially served as assistance to selling and shipping Gynoid Co., Ltd.’s Xin Hua to Mainland China. Shanghai Wangcheng operated in a B2B method with other groups and companies. Their debut VOCALOIDs, Zhang Chuchu and Yuecheng, originated from a collaboration with manhua artists and publishers; however, Xin Hua V4 was their first release.


In May 2015, after departing from Shanghai HENIAN, Ren Li established Shanghai Wangcheng to help bring Xin Hua into Mainland China after fans had difficulty purchasing her through Facio, a Taiwan-based online shop. Shanghai Wangcheng then worked to help promote Xin Hua, flower, and SeeU.

Sometime later, Shanghai Wangcheng developed an interest in creating VOCALOIDs. The company began constructing VOCALOIDs in a B2B manner: collaborating with other groups and companies to turn their characters into virtual idols. This would enable them to cater to a mainstream audience and general youth, especially anime fans.[1] Zhang Chuchu from "Chǔchǔ Dòng Rén" ("楚楚动仁") and Yuecheng from "Mànhuà Jiā yǔ Dà Míngxīng: Yuèróng yǔ Yuèchéng" ("漫画家与大明星:悦蓉与悦成") became the company's first VOCALOID projects and their first newly introduced VOCALOID characters.[2] In 2017, they collaborated with Gynoid to distribute Xin Hua V4 (and later, Xin Hua Japanese), making her their first VOCALOID release.[3]

They were able to release Chuchu and Yuecheng as exclusive vocals. Users who would like to use the two in exchange for their music production may apply to get them, but must agree to the contract before doing so, which defined that users must first submit examples of their work to Shanghai Wangcheng. Once approved, they were required to either create two original songs or three cover songs featuring the characters to maintain their status as an approved user.[4][5]

Inactivity and discontinuation of vocals[]

On June 12, 2020, it was declared by one of the authorized users, GobouP, that Yuecheng and Chuchu would no longer be available due to the serial codes ceasing distribution. Like Ring Suzune, it was only possible to use them as trials when changing computers.[6] In addition, Shanghai Wangcheng's website and shop became defunct without any explanations. This led to fans speculating that the company was no longer active and involved with VOCALOID. With no way to contact the company and because Chuchu and Yuecheng ceased distribution, no new users could apply for them and approved users cannot extend the vocals beyond trials.

In 2017, a third character, Yao Luniang, was announced to be made into a VOCALOID, but it was unknown if her distribution would be exactly the same as Chuchu and Yuecheng.[7] Her production never extended beyond the selection of a voice provider. Only six potential providers were selected, but the final choice was never revealed. Due to Shanghai Wangcheng's inactive state, it was assumed that Luniang's production was cancelled.

Key people[]

Nalanxunfeng.png Nalanxunfeng (纳兰寻风) is a producer who is most known for their tuning skills. They were recruited as the voicebank developer for Zhang Chuchu.

In the announcement of their recruitment, Nalanxunfeng noted that they loved Chinese VOCALOIDs and when tuning VOCALOIDs, they try their best to make them sound good. They admitted that Chinese VOCALOIDs weren’t perfect and this motivated them as Shanghai Wangcheng's voicebank developer into improving the vocals.[8]

In mid-September 2017, Nalanxunfeng left Shanghai Wangcheng for personal reasons.[9]



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