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shu-tP (pronounced "shooty-P") or Shuichi Tanaka is one of the senior Vocaloid masters. He has used MEIKO since he began producing. He also came up with the name "Kaito", leading people to refer to him as the "godfather" of KAITO. He is one of the leading MEIKO users and he has a very good reputation. He is also a producer known for his original English Vocaloid works, his songs such as "Night of the Magic" and "Existence" are his most famous of these works. He also produced the demo songs for the English based Vocaloids that were later sold via ecapsule.

He has a channel of his own in YouTube, but there are less uploaded works there than on NicoNicoDouga.

He has earned the title "Legendary MEIKO Master" for MEIKO's smooth tuning in many of his works, such as "Change Me" and "Various Feelings"

STATUS:October 2007 → Present
GENRE:House, techno and trance music
ASSOCIATIONS:I1150, Glint Of Sound, microgroover
OFFICIAL:Blog: shu-t
URL(s)PIAPRO Twitter Facebook SoundCloud Muzie
Channel: YouTube Nico Nico
WORKS: (Upload date)
  1. "Niji" (Song of Denki Groove) (Oct.08.2007)
  2. "one and one" (Sweet ANN) (Oct.13.2007)
  3. "Close My Eyes" (MEIKO) (Nov.11.2007)
  4. "Close My Eyes (Remix)" (MEIKO) (Nov.11.2007)
  5. "In the Moment" (MEIKO) (Nov.17.2007)
  6. "Everybody Say Hello" (MEIKO, LOLA) (Nov.11.2007)
  7. "Existence (short mix)" (LOLA) (Nov.18.2007)
  8. "Inverval of clouds" (MIRIAM) (Nov.20.2007)
  9. "Anjoushojun" (MEIKO) (Nov.21.2007)
  10. "The thought to tell" (MEIKO) (Nov.29.2007)
  11. "Merry Christmas, Mr.Lawrence (re-mix)" (Dec.02.2007)
  12. "Close My Eyes" (Miku) (Dec.04.2007)
  13. "Forever You (Club Mix)" (LOLA) (Dec.05.2007)
  14. "Existence (2007 Full mix)" (LOLA) (Dec.08 2007)
  15. "Feel The Pain" (LOLA) (Dec.11.2007)
  16. "surely" (MEIKO, Miku, Ann) (Dec.19.2007)
  17. "Close My Eyes" (Rin, Len) (Dec.30.2007)
  18. "Crystal" (MEIKO, Rin, Len, Miku) (Jan.06.2008)
  19. "One&One" (Prima) (Jan.14.2008)
  20. "Close My Eyes (PV)" (MEIKO) (Feb.03.2008)
  21. "Mind SYNC" (MEIKO) (Feb.16.2008)
  22. "Various feelings" (MEIKO) (Mar.01.2008)
  23. "Mikussilator: PaPoPiPePo Demo. No.2" (Miku) (Mar.11.2008)
  24. "Silence (TECHNiA RMX)" (MEIKO) (Mar.17.2008)
  25. "Silence (TECHNiA short RMX) (PV)" (MEIKO) (Mar.19.2008)
  26. "Night of the Magic (Original MX)" (Sweet ANN) (Apr.4.2008)
  27. "Ice Field" (MIRIAM) (May.25.2008)
  28. "Sarari (Short version)" (MEIKO, Miku) (Jun.16.2008)
  29. "Shooting Star -Double M Style-" (MEIKO, Miku) (Jul.09.2008)
  30. "Hajimete no Oto (MEIKO Demo Ver.)" (MEIKO) (Aug.04.2008)
  31. "Vivid Dream" (Miku) (Aug.16.2008)
  32. "Cradle Of Destiny" (MEIKO) (Sep.04.2008)
  33. "Cradle Of Destiny (MG Style)" (MEIKO, Gackpo) (Sep.16.2008)
  34. "Anjoushojun no.2" (MEIKO, Gackpo) (Sep.21.2008)
  35. "@YOUR SIDE" (Sweet ANN) (Sep.29.2008)
  36. "KAITO de Night Re-Mix" (KAITO) (Oct.02.2008)
  37. "VOX (Original MX)" (MEIKO, Miku) (Nov.1.2008)
  38. "VOICE (On The Wind)" (Nov.05.2008)
  39. "Close My Eyes 2008" (MEIKO) (Nov.23.2008)
  40. "Whereabouts" (MEIKO) (Dec.7.2008)
  41. "Close My Eyes (dGOS Remix)" (MEIKO) (Dec.18.2008))
  42. "SHINING" (MEIKO) (Dec.29.2008)
  43. "GIVEN COURAGE) (Jan.9.2009)
  44. "4 FREEDOM" (Luka) (Feb.05.2009)
  45. "So-La" (MEIKO, Luka) (Feb.23.2009)
  46. "So Labyrinthine" (MEIKO, Luka) (Apr.13.2009)
  47. "GRADATION" (MEIKO) (Jun.18.2009)
  48. "Aqua" (MEIKO, Miku) (Jun.30.2009)
  49. "Go Forward" (MEIKO) (Aug.2.2009)
  50. "Wake up" (MEIKO, Miku) (Aug.22.2009)
  51. "Sora no Kanata -SONICWAVE RMX-" (MEIKO) (Sep.16.2009)
  52. "MIRROR" (MEIKO) (Oct.5.2009)
  53. "M.A." (Oct.24.2009)
  54. "VOX -MGV RMX-" (MEIKO) (Nov.1.2009)
  55. "Change Me" (MEIKO) (Nov.5.2009)
  56. "Interval of clouds 2010" (LOLA) (Dec.25.2009)
  57. "AIMS -N2D RK mix-" (MEIKO, Rin) (Dec.27.2009)
  58. "AIMS -Short Length-" (MEIKO) (Dec.30.2009)
  59. "AIMS -Full Length-" (Rin) (Jan.01.2010)
  60. "Solitary forrest" (MEIKO) (Jan.22.2010)
  61. "Time with you" (MEIKO) (Jan.28.2010)
  62. "Time with you-Time Space Remix" (MEIKO) (Jan.30.2010)
  63. "Dream Grows-Electro Vocal mix" (Luka) (Feb.21.2010)
  64. "So-La-MGV Remix" (MEIKO, Luka) (Feb.23.2010)
  65. "Various Feelings 3Vs" (MEIKO) (Mar.03.2010)
  66. "SHADOW -dual M Style-" (MEIKO) (Mar.10.2010)
  67. "Flaps the Wings" (Sweet ANN, Luka, BIG AL) (Mar.21.2010)
  68. "So Labyrinthine -SID2010 STYLE-" (Miku) (Apr.13.2010)
  69. "The thought to tell (2010)" (MEIKO) (May.30.2010)
  70. "Flow@Time " (MEIKO) (Jun.4.2010)
  71. "Trace" (MEIKO) (Jun.12.2010)
  72. "Another Change -Miku ver.-" (Jul.10.2010)
  73. "Fragment of Light" (Lily) (Aug.16.2010)
  74. "Anata no Iru Basho" (MEIKO, Miku) (Aug.29.2010)
  75. "Other Side" (Sep.29.2010)
  76. "In the Moment 2010" (Sep.20.2010)
  77. "Cradle Of Destiny 2010" (Oct.20.2010)
  78. "Cry for the sky" (Nov.05.2010)
  79. "E.O.S. -Vocal mix-" (Mar.24.2011)
  80. "life of the world" (Jul.08.2011)
  81. "different world -MGV RMX-" (Miku) (Aug.10.2011)
  82. "Umi-Kaze" (MEIKO) (Sep.11.2011)
  83. "Passing Season" (MEIKO) (Nov.5.2011)
  84. "Koi wa Ketsukatchin" (MEIKO, Miku) (Nov.21.2011)
  85. "Change me [ReMaster2012]" (Feb.06.2012)
  86. "Change me -Type III-" (Mar.11.2012)
  87. "Keep Walking -MEIKO VER-" (MEIKO) (May.13.2012)
  88. "Music to the Future" (MEIKO, Miku) (May.27.2012)
  89. "Gentle Wind" (Lily) (Jun.17.2012)
  90. "Fragment Of The Light" (Lily) (Jun.27.2012)
  91. "Green" (MEIKO) (Jul.01.2012)
  92. "Brilliant Mind" (Jul.15.2012)
  93. "Turn Back Time" (MEIKO, Lily) (Aug.01.2012)
  94. "Music to the future" (Galaco) (Aug.06.2012)
  95. "Stay with me" (MEIKO) (Aug.28.2012)
  96. "AGGRE-MATIC" (Miku) (Aug.31.2012)
  97. "WISH" (MEIKO) (Nov.03.2012)
  98. "AnJou-Shojun 2 -Blue Style-" (KAITO) (Feb.14.2013)
  99. "Spend with You" (KAITO, Sweet ANN) (Apr.6.2013)
  100. "So-La 2013 Remix" (KAITO, MEIKO) (Jun.29.2013)
  101. "Spend with You -Another Style-" (MEIKO) (Oct.19.2013)
  102. "Sharing Voice" (MEIKO) (Nov.3.2013)
  103. "Next Door" (MEIKO) (Feb.1.2014)
  104. "GODDESS" (MEIKO) (Feb.4.2014)
  105. "EVERLASTING -Incomplete ver." (MEIKO) (Feb.16.2014)
  106. "Trace 2014" (MEIKO) (Oct.3.2014)
  107. "So Labyrinthine 2014" (MEIKO, Hatsune Miku) (Oct.20.2014)
  108. "GODDESS -MEIKO 10th Anniversary Edit-" (MEIKO) (Nov.5.2014)
  109. "Cardinal" (MEIKO) (Nov.5.2015)
  110. "Cradle Of Destiny -White Color-" (MEIKO) (Dec.21.2015)
  111. "Various feelings -GOS10th-" (MEIKO) (Dec.24.2015)
  112. "Kaleidoscope(Short Length)" (MEIKO) (Jun.24.2016)
  113. "Love Drive" (MEIKO) (Jul.31.2016)
  114. "Arch Of Light" (MEIKO) (Oct.27.2016)
  115. "Keep Existing" (MEIKO) (Nov.5.2016)

Songs / Featured Works[]


Uploaded 2007.11.08 Featuring LOLA
Music shu-tP Main article Existence/shu-tP
Lyrics shu-tP
Video shu-tP

Close My Eyes

Uploaded 2007.11.11 Featuring MEIKO
Music shu-tP, kaya Main article Close My Eyes
Lyrics shu-tP, kaya
Video Wasshi (illust)

Everybody Say Hello

Uploaded 2007.11.11 Featuring MEIKO, LOLA
Music shu-tP, kaya Main article Everybody Say Hello
Lyrics shu-tP, kaya
Video Wasshi (illust)

The thought to tell

Uploaded 2007.11.25 Featuring MEIKO
Music shu-tP Main article The thought to tell
Lyrics shu-tP
Video Wasshi (illust)

Interval of clouds

Uploaded 2007.12.05 Featuring MIRIAM
Music kaya (music), shu-tP (arrangement, producer) Main article Interval of clouds
Lyrics kaya
Video shu-tP
A song composed by shu-tP, which he has also covered using LOLA and Prima.

Feel The Pain

Uploaded 2007.12.11 Featuring LOLA
Music shu-tP Main article Feel The Pain
Lyrics shu-tP
Video shu-tP

Various feelings

Uploaded 2008.03.01 Featuring MEIKO
Music kaya (music), shu-tP (arrangement, producer) Main article Various feelings
Lyrics kaya
Video Sorata (illust)

Night of the Magic

Uploaded 2008.04.04 Featuring Sweet ANN
Music shu-tP, Dj Haru Main article Night of the Magic
Lyrics shu-tP
Video various

Cradle of Destiny

Uploaded 2008.09.04 Featuring MEIKO
Music kaya (music), Glint Of Sound, (arrange), Shu-tP (sound design, vocal edit) Main article Cradle of Destiny
Lyrics kaya
Video i1150
The song is a sequel of "The thought to tell".

@Your Side

Favicon-nn.pnguploaded by authorFavicon-pp.png
Uploaded 2008.09.29 Featuring Sweet ANN
Music shu-tP Main article @Your Side
Lyrics shu-tP
Video i1150
A song composed by shu-tP and this song has been use as one of Sweet ANN's demo for her Taiwan release.


Uploaded 2008.12.28 Featuring LOLA, Human singer
Music shu-tP Main article Existence
Lyrics shu-tP
Video shu-tP

Flaps The Wings

Favicon-nn.pnguploaded by author
Uploaded 2009.03.21 Featuring Megurine Luka, Sweet ANN, BIG AL
Music shu-tP Main article Flaps The Wings
Lyrics shu-tP
Video shu-tP
This song has been featured in his album AIMS.

So Labyrinthine

Uploaded 2009.04.13 Featuring MEIKO, Hatsune Miku
Music shu-tP Main article So Labyrinthine
Lyrics shu-tP
Video Takashibun and i1150 (illust)

Go Forward

Uploaded 2009.08.02 Featuring MEIKO
Music shu-tP Main article Go Forward
Lyrics shu-tP
Video Sutare

Change me

Favicon-nn.pnguploaded by author
Uploaded 2009.11.05 Featuring MEIKO
Music shu-tP Main article Change me
Lyrics shu-tP
Video Brother-P
This song has reached over 100,000 views. It is featured in the 39's Giving Day 2012 Concert; also in the games -Project DIVA- 2nd and -Project DIVA- Arcade.


short ver.full ver.
Uploaded 2011.06.05 Featuring Prima
Music shu-tP Main article Entrust
Lyrics shu-tP
Video Loiza (illust)
The song was used on Prima's demonstration for taiwanese release.


short ver.full ver.
Uploaded 2011.06.17 Featuring Tonio
Music shu-tP Main article Treasure
Lyrics shu-tP
The song was used on Tonio's demonstration for taiwanese release.


Uploaded 2011.07.04 Featuring SONiKA
Music shu-tP Main article Scenery
Lyrics shu-tP
Video shinia (illust)

Everlasting Love

Uploaded 2011.07.04 Featuring Sweet ANN
Music shu-tP (music), HYPAA (tuning) Main article Everlasting Love
Lyrics shu-tP
Video VOFAN (illust)

Stay with me/shu-tP

Favicon-nn.pnguploaded by author
Uploaded 2012.08.28 Featuring MEIKO
Music shu-tP Main article Stay with me/shu-tP
Lyrics shu-tP
Video Asami (illust)
This song has reached over 20,000 views and is featured in the game -Project DIVA- f / F.

Spend With You

Favicon-nn.pnguploaded by author
Uploaded 2013.04.06 Featuring KAITO V3 feat. Sweet ANN
Music shu-tP Main article Spend With You
Lyrics shu-tP
Video iXima (illust)


Uploaded 2014.02.04 Featuring MEIKO V3
Music shu-tP Main article GODDESS
Lyrics shu-tP
Video iXima (illust)


Various feelings (Album).png
Title Various feelings ~shu-t’s works~
Producer shu-tP shu-tP
Release Date May 29, 2009 August 31, 2009
In the BOX.png
Title In the BOX
Time with you.png
Time with you
Producer shu-tP shu-tP
Release Date November 5, 2009 January 1, 2010
AIMS Cover.jpg
Title AIMS
あなたのいる場所 -Important Place-.png
Anata no iru basho -Important Place-
Producer shu-tP shu-tP
Release Date May 4, 2010 August 31, 2010

Compilation Albums[]

  • 神威夢奏 -Released: March 25th, 2012
    (Song(s) featured: Keep Walking)
  • Vocalofuture -Released: November 6th, 2013
    (Song(s) featured: Change me (refine))


<tabber> Games =

M skaret.png
MEIKO's Scarlet module for the song "Change me", designed by longan, featured in -Project DIVA- 2nd.
Change Me longan PDA.jpg
MEIKO's Scarlet module for the song "Change me", designed by longan, featured in -Project DIVA- Arcade.
Noel Meiko module.jpg
MEIKO's Noel Rogue module for the song "Stay With Me", designed by Asami, featured in -Project DIVA- f.
Meiko 21.jpg
MEIKO's Noel Rogue module featured in -Project DIVA- Arcade Future Tone.

|-| Misc =

A screenshot of MEIKO performing Change Me "live" at MikuPa 2012.