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Image of "SingSingSing"
Album title
  • "SingSingSing"
Published July 1, 2012, for 59 Yuan for Physical
  • Xiexie-P, Zoey, Ryuu (compose, arrange)
  • Trii, Le Hen (compose, arrange, lyrics)
  • Wing Yi (compose, arrange, tuning)
  • H.K.Kun (compose, arrange, lyrics, tuning)
  • ほんこーん, Guyangming, Sheng Yue Ying Lei, Merlin (lyrics)
  • Huduoduo (bamboo flute)
  • Xiao C Ni Dayr (guitar)
  • CuTTleFiSh (mastering)

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"SingSingSing" is Luo Tianyi's first album and contains 7 songs that were featured as her demos, such as "FEEL YOUR DREAM", "A Millennial Menu of China", and more. It was also the first under the VOCALOID CHINA label.

This album was sold within Tianyi's deluxe software package.  It was also available on VOCANESE's official taobao for a limited time and it is now no longer sold.

Track listingEdit

1."茉莉花的音符 (Mòlìhuā de Yīnfú)" (Jasmine Notes)ほんこーんxiexieP3:04
2."FEEL YOUR DREAM"TriiTrii3:54
3."风萤月 (Fēng Yíng Yuè)" (Wind Firefly Moon)GuyangmingZoey5:24
4."三月雨 (Sān Yuè Yǔ)" (March Rain)Sheng Yue Ying LeiWing Yi4:31
5."不辍 (Bù Chuò)" (Never Stop)Le HenLe Hen4:20
6."自然物语 (Zìrán Wùyǔ)" (Natural Story)MerlinRyuu3:59
7."千年食谱颂 (Qiānnián Shípǔ Sòng)" (A Millennial Menu of China)H.K.KunH.K.Kun5:17
Total length:30:29

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