Sinsy (Singing Voice Synthesis System) (しぃんしぃ) is an online HMM-based singing voice synthesis system by the Nagoya Institute of Technology that was created under the Modified BSD license.


The synthesizer is free to use, but will only generate tracks up to 5 minutes. The user uploads data in the MusicXML format, which the Sinsy website reads to output a WAV file of the generated voice. Gender factor, vibrato intensity, and pitch shift can be adjusted prior to output.[1]

MusicXML files can be made in Symphony Pro, Cadencii, MuseScore, and finale NotePad.

Some users have praised Sinsy for its realism. This can be attributed to Sinsy's voice source being a TTS (specifically, HTS, also by the Nagoya Institute of Technology), a process known for producing human-like results.

As of December 25, 2013 the official creators of the Sinsy are Keiichi Tokuda (Producer and designer), Keiichiro Oura (Design and Development), Nakamura Kazuhiro (Development and Main Maintainer), and Yoshihiko Nankaku.[2]


Sinsy has four known voices: Yoko, Xiang-Ling, Matsuo-P, and Namine Ritsu S. Sinsy supports Japanese and English. A Chinese version has been released of Xiang-Ling as of Christmas 2015.


Yoko (謡子; f001j) is a Japanese-only voice.


Xiang-Ling (香鈴; f002j; f002e; f002m) is a Japanese, English, and Chinese (Mandarin) voice. The English voice was added on Christmas 2012. The Chinese voice was added on Christmas 2015.


Matsuo-P (松尾P; m003e_beta) is an English voice that was released to the public on December 25, 2013 along with the version 3.4 release of the Sinsy website. Unlike other banks on the Sinsy website that were created using female voices, Matsuo was voiced by a male voice actor. Its voice can be heard here singing "Who's Crying Now". Matsuo-P's voice actor is a YouTube and Niconico user who goes by the name Koya Matsuo.[3]

Namine Ritsu SEdit

Namine Ritsu S (波音リツS; f004j_beta) is a Japanese voice. It can be heard here singing RIP=RELEASE. As of December 25, 2013, Namine Ritsu S became available for public use.



(Japanese) Genkotsu yama no tanuki-san (f001j: Yoko) Sinsy
(English) My grandfather's clock (f002e: Xiang-ling) Sinsy
(English) Yesterday (f002e: Xiang-ling) Niconico YouTube
(English) "So Much In Love" (m003e_beta: Matsuo-P) YouTube
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Romaji/English Sinsy tutorial: how to sing by using Cadencii
nwp8861 (Mimirobo-P)
Category Tutorial


A video explaining how to use Cadencii to export MusicXML files for use with Sinsy.
Romaji/English The process of creating a score in MuseScore, and having Sinsy sing (2010/09/02 ver.)
nwp8861 (Mimirobo-P)
Category Tutorial


A video explaining how to use MuseScore to export MusicXML files for use with Sinsy.
Sinsy Matsuo-P and Human Matsuo-P sings"Golden Slumbers" and How to make Sinsy sing
Koya Matsuo (Matsuo-P)
Category Tutorial


A video explaining how to use Symphony Pro to export MusicXML files from an iPad for use with Sinsy.

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  3. Koya Matsuo on YouTube

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