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"Snow-White and Black-Ashes" is an original LOLA and Tonio duet. The song is based off of the German fairytale Snow White. The princess (LOLA) is given an apple by the grandmother (Tonio) and eats it, becoming Black-Ashes as the poison takes over her body. The grandmother then reveals herself to be none other than the evil queen, who wished the princess dead. However, the princess Snow-White is not killed, but is turned into an ugly, deformed creature by the name of Black-Ashes. Over time, the queen dies by "turning to ashes", and Black-Ashes becomes the new Dark Queen.


Sweet beloved child, grandma is grateful
to thank you i will give you this apple
go crunch it now, it'll fulfil your wish
Come on a little more closer and bite!

Snow-White, don't eat it.
Snow-White, don't do that!

The story wanted Snow-White to eat the poisoned fruit!
But what it didn't tell us is how it really ends...

The old grandma turned into the Queen
Snow-White turned into ugly "Black-Ashes"
"Black-Ashes", the new face of the daughter;
the Dark Queen had never seen the uglier...

Black-Ashes, eat it.
Black-Ashes do that!

Noire-Cendre avait remarqué
Que pour retrouver sa véeritable apparence
La reine avait croqué dans une pomme dorée.
Noire-Cendre redevienda-t-elle Blanche-Neige

si elle croque la pomme d'or?
Et si la reine croquait la pomme empoisonnée...

The grandma turned into ashes
Black-Ashes turned into the new Dark Queen...
The story wanted the Queen to finally die
But what it didn't tell us is how it really ends...

How it really ends... (x3)

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