soriku is an illustrator who has created a number of PVs, focusing mainly on Kagamine Rin and Kagamine Len. soriku often provides illustrations to innisfree and toya.

Notable works from soriku include Clover by innisfree (a part of the Clover Series), Cinderella ~Another Story~ by Takayuki Sakamoto also, a fanmade PV of Hitoshizuku-P's Yumezakura (collaboration with Madoromi).

STATUS:May 2008 → Present
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ASSOCIATIONS:innisfree, Takayuki Sakamoto
URL(s)Nico Nico, Twitter, Pixiv
PLAYLIST(s):(Nico Nico Douga List)
WORKS: (Upload date)
  1. "End of the Sky" (Rin) (innisfree) (May 24, 2008)
  2. "Koryaku Hon" (Rin) (Ann-Melts P) (Jun. 03, 2008)
  3. "Kurakura Rurirura" (Rin) (innisfree) (Jun 07, 2008)
  4. "fragile Every Little Thing" (Rin) (Jun 10, 2008)
  5. "Agony" (Len) (Chiku-P) (Jul. 01, 2008)
  6. "Tsubomi Kobukuro" (Miku, Rin, Len) (Jul. 02, 2008)
  7. "Black and White's Genealogy" (Rin, Len) (toya) (Jul. 02, 2008)
  8. "Ball's Sound" (Rin) (innisfree) (Jul. 05, 2008)
  9. "especially" (Rin) (innisfree) (Aug. 16, 2008)
  10. "Destiny Place" (Rin) ((бεб)-P) (Sep. 28, 2008)
  11. "Kokoro x Kiseki" (KAITO) (Masaki) (Oct. 12, 2008)
  12. "The Full Moon Dance" (Len) (innisfree) (Nov. 24, 2008)
  13. "RINLENMANIA" (Rin, Len) (Ann-Melts-P) (Dec. 26, 2008)
  14. "Tsubomi~Binetsu Shoujo" (Rin) (Worldwide-P) (Dec. 26, 2008)
  15. "Our Birthday" (Rin, Len) (toya) (Dec. 27, 2008)
  16. "Hotel Utopia, Room 407" (Rin) (toya) (Feb. 05, 2009)
  17. "Kaeri Michi" (Len) (innisfree) (Feb. 09, 2009)
  18. "Melancholy of a Rainy Day long ver." (Rin) (sparking) (Feb. 20, 2009)
  19. "Clover" (Rin) (innisfree) (Apr. 04, 2009)
  20. "Melancholy of a Rainy Day" (Rin) (toya) (Jul. 18, 2009)
  21. "Deep Blue" (Rin) (innisfree) (Aug. 02, 2009)
  22. "I'll be Here" (Rin, Len) (Worldwide-P) (Aug. 21, 2009)
  23. "Ocean" (Len) (innisfree) (Sep. 20, 2009)
  24. "SUNNY!" (Rin) (innisfree) (Oct. 03, 2009)
  25. "Autumn Street" (Rin) (toya) (Nov. 24, 2009)
  26. "The Full Moon Dance" (Rin, Len) (innisfree) (Nov. 24, 2009)
  27. "Meteor" (Len) (innisfree) (Dec. 24, 2009)
  28. "RINLENMANIA 2" (Rin, Len) (Ann-Melts-P) (Dec. 26, 2009)
  29. "Kataomoi Seiwa" (Len) (toya) (Dec. 26, 2009)
  30. "DISTORTIONAL LOVER'S SICK" (Rin) (hr@etsuchi-P) (Mar. 19, 2010)
  31. "Spring Breeze" (Len) (Takayuki Sakamoto) (Jun. 04, 2010)
  32. "Over there" (Len) (innisfree) (Jun. 05, 2010)
  33. "Shining wind" (Rin) (innisfree) (Aug. 03, 2010)
  34. "Singing Softly" (Rin) (innisfree) (Oct. 05, 2010)
  35. "Karasu no Sora" (Miki, Rin, Len) (toya) (Dec. 04, 2010)
  36. "RINLENMANIA 3" (Rin, Len) (Ann-Melts-P) (Dec. 26, 2010)
  37. "Snow Story" (Len) (innisfree) (Dec. 26, 2010)
  38. "Cinderella~ Another Story" (Rin, Len) (Takayuki Sakamoto) (Mar. 07, 2011)
  39. "Sakura" (Rin, Len) (innisfree) (Apr. 03, 2011)
  40. "Status quo Bias" (Len) (innisfree) (Jun. 03, 2011)
  41. "Sparks Dance" (Rin) (innisfree) (Aug. 18, 2011)
  42. "Sunflower" (Rin) (innisfree) (Aug. 25, 2011)
  43. "A Beginning of A Dream" (Rin, GUMI) (Anmerutsu-P) (Sep. 05, 2011)
  44. "Reconciliation" (Rin) (Tatsu) (Oct. 12, 2011)
  45. "tears" (Rin) (innisfree) (Oct. 12, 2011)
  46. "Twinkle, Twinkle" (Len) (innisfree) (Oct. 24, 2011)
  47. "RINLENMANIA 4" (Rin, Len) (Dec.26. 2011) (Ann-Melts-P)
  48. "Caleidoscopio" (Album Crossfade) (Dec.26. 2011) (Kaiware-P)
  49. "CMPV R/L 02" (Rin, Len) (Dec.26. 2011)
  50. "The Twin's Paradox 4" (Rin, Len) (Jan.16. 2012) (Jun-P)
  51. "Shadow" (Len) (Jan.31. 2012) (innisfree)
  52. "COLORS ~a girl side~" (Rin) (Mar.11. 2012) (Takayuki Sakamoto)
  53. "COLORS ~a boy side~" (Len) (Mar.11. 2012) (Takayuki Sakamoto)
  54. "flowers" (Miki, Gackpo, Gumi, Miki, Rin, Len,) (Mar.19. 2012) (toya)
  55. "Yumezakura" (Rin, Len) (Mar.31.2012) (Hitoshizuku-P)
  56. "Spellbound" (Rin) (May.05.2012) (innisfree)
  57. "Suibotsutoshi Ruin Test" (Len, Rin, Miki, Gumi, Gackpo) (May.16.2012) (Toya)
  58. "Watashi ga Owaru made" (Luka) (Jun.09.2012) (Ann-Melts-P)
  59. "Mugentoshi reshie" (Len, Rin, Miki, Gumi, Gackpo) (Jun.23.2012) (Toya)
  60. "Chiisana Hana" (Gackpo) (Jul.25.2012) (Innisfree)
  61. "Maporotsu" (Len) (Aug.09.2012) (Innisfree)
  62. "Himawari" (Len, Rin) (Aug.29.2012) (Innisfree)
  63. "Hatsujou toshi Clock Bell" (Vocaloid chorus) (Sep.19.2012) (Toya)
  64. "Machiawase Debut" (Miku) (Sep.22.2012) (Aidai-P)
  65. "Toya CMPV " (Len, Rin, Ryuto) (Oct.09.2012) (Toya)
  66. "Koi Ame " (Gumi) (Oct.14.2012) (Innisfree)
  67. "Ojousama to Shitsuji no Boken " (Len, Rin) (Nov.11.2012) (Ann-Melts-P)
  68. "RINLENMANIA 5 " (Len, Rin) (Dec.26.2012) (Ann-Melts P)
  69. "Short PV" (Len, Rin) (Dec.27.2012)
  70. "Pinkish Pain" (Rin) (Jan.19.2013) (Innisfree)
  71. "Banjou Toshi Pianoforte" (miki, Gumi, Gackpo, Gachapoid, Rin, Len, Oliver) (Feb.01.2013) (Toya)
  72. "tears" (Gackpo) (Apr.21.2013) (innisfree)
  73. "Mousou Sketch" (Len) (Apr.26.2013) (Hibine)
  74. "Forever Near" (Len) (May.11.2013) (innisfree)
  75. "How To Make a Chiffon Cake" (Rin) (May.11.2013) (innisfree)
  76. "Over There" (Gackpo) (May.16.2013) (innisfree)
  77. "Kurakura Rurirura" (Gumi) (May.16.2013) (innisfree)
  78. "ALCANO" (Rin, Len) (Sep.01.2013) (Patirchev)
  79. "Anata Tonara" (Len) (Nov.13.2013) (innisfree)
  80. "Forever" (Rin) (Feb.06.2014) (innisfree)
  81. "Hallucination" (Gackpo) (Aug.03.2014) (innisfree)
  82. "deep blue" (IA) (Aug.09.2014) (innisfree)
  83. "Sunflower" (IA) (Aug.30.2014) (innisfree)
  84. "MONSTER" (Len) (Dec.27.2014) (innisfree)
  85. "Kaze ga Fuitara" (Rin) (Dec.27.2014) (innisfree)

Songs / Featured WorksEdit

クローバー (Clover)

Uploaded 2009.04.29 Featuring Kagamine Rin
Music Snowy* Main article クローバー (Clover)
Lyrics innisfree
Video soriku
The first song to the Clover trilogy; Rin remembered the day she met Len, and felt very nostalgic about it. They talked about many things, and how they always meet up at their usual place. Rin sang about how Len always remember everything, and how he always chase his unreachable dreams.

デイジー (Daisy)

Uploaded 2010.02.15 Featuring Kagamine Len
Music innisfree Main article デイジー (Daisy)
Lyrics innisfree
Video soriku
The second song to the Clover trilogy; Len sung how he wanted to reach his dreams, also about encounters and good byes. He thought that it was a lonely life, and that tomorrow would just be another empty day, he believed in that.

櫻 (Sakura)

Uploaded 2010.04.13 Featuring Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Len
Music innisfree
Lyrics innisfree
Video soriku
The last song to the Clover trilogy; Len saw Rin near the cherry blossom tree, and the two meet again. They exchanged gazes into each other's eyes, and promised that they'll forever walk hand in hand together.

シンデレラ~another story~ (Cinderella ~another story~)

Uploaded 2011.03.07 Featuring Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Len
Music Takayuki Sakamoto Main article シンデレラ~another story~ (Cinderella ~another story~)
Lyrics Takayuki Sakamoto
Video soriku (illust, movie)
Takayuki's most notable song.


Uploaded 2013.01.13 Featuring Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Len
Music Patirchev (music, lyrics)
Aitops (mastering)
Main article ALCANO
Video soriku (illust, video)
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