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  • "Spacial Love"
Published June 26, 2014, with 5,300+ SoundCloud views
  • ODDEEO (music, lyrics)
  • RickWuu (video art)


The power to destroy multiple worlds, only used to preserve the balance of the world. The fortitude that can lead thousands of armies into war, only to be used to preserve peace. It's vast and massive being, able to engulfing the world, only to embrace it. This this space.
—author comment


Steady waves of light,
diffused across the land.
A dying firefight
to stay alight from all this cold.

If only you were here to hold.

Please don’t go
There are a hundred constellations
But I follow without question
at least one of them will have to lead to you.

You’d think my heart will be insured?

Please don’t leave
There are a million supernovas
But our world has not yet ended
they must know that you and I are very near.

The universe’s plan wants us here.

Stranded in the storm
Burdened by the anti matter
Suffocate my breath
Collapse my lungs, and flood me with your space

Deliver nothingness to me.

The perfect dark,
black holes and world destroyers.
graying stains and marks
corrode me with intoxicating touch

Command my shadows with just a lighter’s spark.


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