"student" is 6v6's first album. It contains 4 tracks, sung by SF-A2 miki.

The official album website is available here. A preview of the tracks can be heard here too. The album is free to download on the website.

6v6 student album illust
Released May 20, 2011
Producer 6v6
Price Free
Illust. Siryu
Label Ceramic Records
Track list
1. hello my world
SF-A2 miki
2. 遅刻しますごめんなさい
Chikoku Shimasu Gomennasai
3. ランチタイム
4. 変わることの無い私の世界
Kawaru Koto no Nai Watashi no Sekai
SF-A2 miki
6v6 no himitsu no CD album illust
6v6 no Himitsu no CD
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