SugarCape is a vocal synthesizer developed by sota, only available for use on Mac OS X Snow Leopard 1.6.8 or above.


The newest version now called SaltCase Alpha 0.0.2 uses a tripitch voicebank, and it is assumed that it has been given a sort of "", similar to that of an UTAU voicebank. This function allows transitions between pitches to be more natural, rather than giving in to the harsh distortion of the sample as it goes deeper. 

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In addition to the preset voice in SugarCape, one can add a voice to be compatible with the program. This has been done with Nagone Mako, and several other UTAU voicebanks. Some have thought of importing the "Macne Series" into SugarCape.

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DESTINY (an original produced by ねこ伯爵P)  sm16494465


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