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John Argosino (aka Superbass1) was a producer who signed up to YouTube in 2006. He debuted with Sweet ANN in 2008. His works are regarded to be among the most explicit VOCALOID songs written in English. His original songs with human vocals are slightly more tame by comparison but still quite risque. His last upload to his channel was made in February 2011. It is unknown whether he is still making music under a new alias.


Links Title Featuring Date Roles
[yt] "Sex Games" Sweet ANN November 16, 2008 music, lyrics
[yt] "F▬k Me" Sweet ANN February 3, 2011 music, lyrics
[yt] "Everything You Got" Sweet ANN February 3, 2011 music, lyrics
[yt] "Come With Me" Sweet ANN February 4, 2011 music, lyrics