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Image of "Sweet Heart Conspiracy"
Song title
  • "Sweet Heart Conspiracy"
Published February 12, 2014, with 100+ Niconico views
  • Charlie

Image of "Sweet Heart Conspiracy"
Song title
  • "Sweet Heart Conspiracy"
Published March 9, 2014, with 360+ Niconico views
  • Charlie (music, lyrics)
  • mariko-chan (illust)


"Sweet Heart Conspiracy" is an original song by Charlie featuring YOHIOloid and Hatsune Miku.

It tells the story of a couple that have hit a rough patch. They both to try and make their relationship work, though Yohio thinks that they should distance themselves for a while, Miku convinces him to stay.


Singer + Color

Loose your fear
Open your heart
Storm won’t tear
Our love apart

You found me
Where daisies grew
I couldn’t help myself
Falling in love

Your charming eyes held me captive
It’s unfair that we turned out this way

Don’t worry
I know
We can make it
But right now I think I need some time

And you grabbed a piece of silence
And you threw it in the sand
We’ll never be happy if you keep
Running away

Close your eyes
And hold my hand
I’ll follow you
Until the end

Sun is fading away
Rain falls down
And It’s how it’s meant to be
And I know it’s hard
But I’ll always be there for you
Trust and see the light

Trouble knows it’s ways to find us
But your understanding smile makes me stay strong
I will overcome the bias
And I know
I believe
I am sure

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