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T2o, also known by his real name Maoyang Li (李懋扬; Lǐ Màoyáng) is a Chinese producer from Chongqing, China who made his bilibili debut in May 2015, but was active since 2014. He is most known for composing songs, singing, and dancing, as well as collaborating with SING Girl Group. His most notable song is "Moonlight Thoughts", which won a Golden Melody Award in 2018 for best music video.

His birthday is January 27, 1991.


Links Title Featuring Date Roles
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[bb][5s] "一梦千寻" Luo Tianyi January 8, 2016 lyrics, compose, arrange, video
[bb] "单身Disco" Luo Tianyi August 9, 2016 producer
[bb] "牛奶香槟?" Yuezheng Ling May 26, 2017 producer
[bb][5s] "寄明月" Yuezheng Ling October 3, 2017 lyrics, compose, tuning
[bb] "好嗨哟" Luo Tianyi December 14, 2018 arrange, lyrics, compose, video
[bb] "千盏" YANHE October 11, 2019 lyrics, compose
[bb] "限定花期" Luo Tianyi July 17, 2021 production, compose, lyrics