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Image of "TELEVISE"
Song title
Published September 13, 2016, with 790+ YouTube views

Image of "TELEVISE"
Song title
Published January 13, 2018, with 18,700+ YouTube views and 2,200+ SoundCloud views
  • Zion XYZ


"TELEVISE" is a song by Zion XYZ. The story is as follows:

Tomoko was a young, blind girl in 1987. She lived most of her life in foster care. Tomoko was alone. She loved the television, though. She couldn't see it, but she loved listening to the channels, especially the dead channels. One day, through the TV, she heard a voice calling her. This voice called herself Alter Ego. Alter Ego said that she could grant Tomoko sight and a home, a family. Tomoko accepted.

Alter Ego connected Tomoko to the TV, broadcasting a high pitch on every dead channel. Tomoko's body was slowly deteriorating, and eventually died.


My world isn't really that clear
You see, I cannot see the world amongst all of us
Then one day I heard someone through the TV
They said "I'll give you sight for a price"

All these years I've been alone
Love has always been unknown
Blind of all sight
Is trusting her truely right

She said
"Televise the world,
Show them all your thoughts and feelings.
Do not be afraid of the things that could happen"

"Televise your dreams
Do you feel the static piercing?
The ears and hearts of those who've done me--"


[You really couldn't listen to me?]



Oh, the buzzing of the static through the screen.
Oh, it's deafing! I've lost control!
Of all senses; everything's corrupt.

Isn't this world copacetic?
Well, if I can't be free, it's not.
What did I do to deserve this?
Forever and nevermore!

You said
"Televise the world
Everything will be alright"
And all you did was lie and now you left me then said
"Televise your dreams"
Or were they all truely nightmares?
Nonetheless, you hurt so many innocent.

The world is gonna f▬king end tonight and it's all your fault.
How do you still morality after all you've done?
The world is vomiting up all your lies and my mistakes.
How are you still corrupting us through the television...?

Televise my world.
Show them all that they are all dead
Go on, be afraid of me. Cause I can do worse!
Televise my dreams.
You couldn't listen to me so now you fucked up.
So, now listen;
The world's gonna end!

[And now we'll televise your nightmares]

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