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Image of "TV"
Song title
  • "TV"
Published December 2, 2016, with 230,500+ YouTube views
  • Creep-P (music, lyrics)
  • Prisma (tuning)
  • Kuma (illust, PV)


Now... There are very many cases of this, and there are many cases where the victim is blamed, hurt, or even murdered. For what? Doing nothing. Defending themselves. I can give you a huge list of people. It goes from people of color, to the LGBTQ+ community, to the Muslim community, to women (both trans and cis), and to the Jewish community. And due to recent events, we're f▬cking scared. I wasn't going to put this song up like, at all, but honestly, I think something clicked in my head, and sort of said, YEAH. I THINK YOU SHOULD.
— Creep-P

"TV" is an original English song by Creep-P featuring Ruby. According to the producer, the song is about how the media blames the victims and hurts minorities for just fighting back.


Welcome to the show
All things you should know
Sit down and let's think
Death's a virtue and a link

We'll sit down and we'll shut up
We'll listen to all things hidden
The TV has taken me
But won't let me go unfortunately

Accidents, accidents
Oh, incidents, incidents
All a coincidence
Just a fatal accident

God forgave us
Then god left us
We must face our own sins
And pray to god we win

Turn up the television
And absorb the wisdom
Let it go, there is no freedom
And I think you spoken just enough

Now it's time to quiet down
See the travesty on TV
Be grateful that it's not you or me (the TV's god)

Media has been corrupted
It's an error and a fatal hazard

It's okay
It's alright
We'll be fine

But if the TV said we're to die
Then we would be all right
God is dead
TV's god
And we must leave all that we love


The TV's a liar
And the world's on fire
We're angry and tired
We won't take it, liars

We are done, we are through
Enough bulls▬it to our ears
Tired of nothing new
Playing with our fears

The TV's god...

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