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Tako Luka (たこルカ) is an officially recognized derivative of Megurine Luka, and the result of creativity of imagining Luka's hair in the form of an octopus, in the same manner as Hachune Miku. This octopus had a very important involvement in Vocaloid fandom, most notably in the Japanese community. Both Tako Luka and Hachune Miku are seen as mascots side by side with their source characters. The word "Tako" means Octopus, meaning that her English name is rendered as "Octopus Luka".

The term "Derivative" is used here to describe a fanmade Vocaloid character that is based on an already existing character.


Tako Luka is the indirect result of the Character Item War that was made to determine Luka's character item. Tako Luka was created by Sangatsu Youka (三月八日), aka. Sanpachi, after realizing Luka's hair reminded him of an octopus. Her creation marked the end of the cyberskirmish that ensued in the wake of Luka's announcement and launch.


Tako Luka is one of the Vocaloid derivatives that became officially recognized by Crypton Future Media, the publisher of the Character Vocal Series for VOCALOID2. The other derivatives bearing this distinction are Meiko Sakine, Neru Akita, Haku Yowane, and Miku Hachune.


In Project DIVA, Tako Luka makes random cameos in the PSP game, Hatsune Miku ~Project Diva~ and again in all of its sequels. Usually she is spotted scampering around the scene or waving her tentacles at the viewer, a few of her appearances are in the PV for Double Lariat and Luka Luka Night Fever.


Officially licensed Tako Luka merchandise has been produced, such as phone charms and plush toys. She is also bundled with a Megurine Luka Nendoroid. If more than one version of Tako Luka is sold of any given item, a lottery is usually established for the item wherein one of 3 faces are able to be bought. However, the buyer will not be able to determine which of the 3 he or she receives. So far, this has been carried out with the Tako Luka plush doll and the charm.

Voice Portrayals

Tako Luka shares pretty much the same voice as (or high pitched) Luka herself, regardless of voice bank.

Famous Songs

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  • An octopus jar is the preferred Japanese traditional fishing gear to catch an octopus.
  • Tako Luka marks the end of the item war procedure that has presumed since Hachune Miku. While it still goes on to a certain degree, for the large part it is mostly done as a joke now.
  • Tako Luka shares some things with Megurine Luka, whose item is also a Tuna for example.


FiguStnd LukaTako Charm
Tako Luka Charm
One of several Tako Luka plush dolls sold
A Tako Luka puchi was also bundled with the Luka Megurine Nendoroid
concept art
Tako Luka merry go round
Tako Luka as she appears in 39's Caravan event

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