I find it interesting that Sonika is the only English Vocaloid with her own page. Considering the fact that this page is only a paragraph long, I think it would fit better under the "English Vocaloids" page. I already added the information here on that page. Unless more information is added to this page, such as well-known songs, I believe this page should be deleted. Or... the other English Vocaloids (who already have well-known songs) should be given their own individual pages. 18:00, 16 July 2009 (UTC)

The other English vocaloids don't have their own pages for 2 reasons: 1) No-one who loves them enough or knows enough about them to make a page for them and 2) They don't have enough info on the Wiki to justify a page of their own, but thats not to say the info warranting a sperate article isn't out there, its just not on the Wiki. Obviously if you have information to add and/or feel the English vocaloids deserve their own pages then by all means your very welcome to make them. The reason Sonika has a page of her own is because despite only being out for a few days, she already has a significant following. Its only a matter of days before we start hearing her first songs. Also for reference, Gumi's page has even less info/text and she is quite popular. People just haven't got around to updating yet. I saw Sonika on Monday but i waited to see the reaction from the community which has been quite large and positive so I thought it would be worth getting a page going. Kaiseine 18:41, 16 July 2009 (UTC)
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