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This template is to create a listing of compilation albums. Primarily used on a producer page.

See 40meterP for an example of usage.


Type {{Album list}} somewhere.


{{Album list|album1 = Original name of the albums|date1 = Release date|song1 = Original name of the song featured}}

results in...

  • Original name of the albums -Released: Release date
    (Song(s) featured: Original name of the song featured)

Set up

When adding an album page please title it "Romaji (Japanese)".
|album1 = [[Romaji (Japanese)|Japanese]]
|date1 = Month Day, Year
|song1 = '''Japanese'''
When there are multiple songs featured:
song1 = '''Japanese''', ''Japanese'', '''Japanese''' etc.
Usage using 10 listings- the total is currently at 75, please contact admin or experienced editor to help increase the number in the future. When a compliation section gets long, please use the {{Scroll box}} to make the page more compact, the boxes default state is good enough.

Standard 1-10

{{Album list
|album1 = Original name of the albums
|date1 = Release date
|song1 = Original name of the song featured
|album2 = 
|date2 = 
|song2 = 
|album3 = 
|date3 = 
|song3 = 
|album4 = 
|date4 = 
|song4 = 
|album5 = 
|date5 = 
|song5 = 
|album6 = 
|date6 = 
|song6 = 
|album7 = 
|date7 = 
|song7 = 
|album8 = 
|date8 = 
|song8 = 
|album9 = 
|date9 = 
|song9 = 
|album10 = 
|date10 = 
|song10 = }}

Compact 1-10

{{Album list
|album1 = Original name of the albums|date1 = Release date|song1 = Original name of the song featured
|album2 = |date2 = |song2 = 
|album3 = |date3 = |song3 = 
|album4 = |date4 = |song4 = 
|album5 = |date5 = |song5 = 
|album6 = |date6 = |song6 = 
|album7 = |date7 = |song7 = 
|album8 = |date8 = |song8 = 
|album9 = |date9 = |song9 = 
|album10 = |date10 = |song10 = }}

Compact 1-75

{{Album list







|album75=|date75=|song75= }}