Product Information (Hardware)
Package details as noted:

COCOROBO is a cleaning robot product range by SHARP. Its primarily function is to clean floors automatically.

This version is a special version produced with expanded capabilities on the standard models. It uses an official COCOROBO original vocal and character, originally referred to as "COCOROBO <little sister vers.>" in its initial release in 2014. In its previous version, as its name suggests, the COCOROBO was designed to act as a "little sister" member of a family. The new version is based on the RX-V95a and has similar functions to it.

Functions as noted:
  • As aforementioned, the COCOROBO brand is built to primarily function as a cleaning robot and automatically cleans floors. It uses sensors to move around and detect the edge of surfaces and avoid collisions.
    • They will systematically traverse a room in straight lines, though some room arrangements may interfere with its cleaning patterns.
    • It has a low profile to get under low sofas and other places and will go around a furniture leg if detected.
  • COCOROBO devices respond to the Japanese standard dialect and can be told basic functions via speaking. They will greet "good morning" for example if greeted and playback information told to them such as appointments. They have a "listening" button which the respond to.
    • In addition to normal functions, this version of the device is able to play music upon request including music produced using its own vocal.
  • It recharges via returning to a docking station when it detects its power is low and is able to locate its station. It can also be programmed when to do so, such as at night.
Additional as noted:
  • The voice used works using a VOCALOID4 powered vocal.
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