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To be used only when a section accumulates a large number of {{Derivative}} entries.

The song articles template for the derivatives section. See the guidelines for more information.


The Derivatives_tabber parameters must be in this order, do not rearrange or collapse this structure.

{{Derivatives tabber/preload}}
{{Derivatives tabber
  |vocaloid    = 

  |utau        = 

  |other       = 

  |human       = 

  |dance       = 

  |arrangement = 

  |fanmadepv   = 

  |spinoff     = 

  |more        = 
vocaloid =
Covers featuring VOCALOIDs.
utau =
Covers featuring UTAUs.
other =
Covers featuring other voice synthesizers, such as CeVIO and Synthesizer V etc...
human =
Covers featuring human people, such as Utaites, YouTube singers etc...
dance =
Covers featuring human people doing choreographed dances. 3D dance covers go under |fanmadepv = .
arrangement =
Covers that arranged differently from the original.
fanmadepv =
Covers done as a visual video, such as MikuMikuDance, Project DIVA gameplay, promotional style videos, kinetic typography etc...
spinoff =
"Covers" that are inspired spinoffs and parodies (e.g. Loli Yuukai).
more =
"Covers" that don't necessarily fit into the above sections as they were not specified by the content creator.


{{Derivatives tabber
  |vocaloid    = {{Derivative|color=red1|title=VOCALOIDs}} 
  |utau        = {{Derivative|color=orange1|title=UTAUs}} 
  |other       = {{Derivative|color=pink1|title=Other synths, like CeVIOsand Synthesizer V etc... }}
  |human       = {{Derivative|color=yellow1|title=Humans covers}}
  |dance       = {{Derivative|color=blue1|title=Dance cover}}
  |arrangement = {{Derivative|color=green1|title=Arrangements and remixes}}
  |fanmadepv   = {{Derivative|color=purple1|title=Fanmade PVs}}
  |spinoff     = {{Derivative|color=black1|title=Spin-offs and parodies}}
  |more        = {{Derivative|color=white1|title=More (miscellaneous)

Other synths, like CeVIOs and Synthesizer V etc...

Humans covers
Dance cover

Arrangements and remixes

Fanmade PVs

Spin-offs and parodies
More (miscellaneous)

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