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This is the core template (with variables) for linking song uploads.



  • {{L|<abbr>|<URL>|<Comment>}}
  • [nn] Niconico (Official)

If certain links disrupt the template then use:

  • Question mark HTML &#63;
  • Equal sign HTML &#61;


Website Abbr Icon ID Result Thumbnail
Niconico nn [nn] so24109562 Niconico Niconico logo Niconico logo
? Nicozon
YouTube yt [yt] orbCMnvvNwI YouTube YouTube logo YouTube logo
Vimeo vm [vm] 39758142 Vimeo Vimeo logo
bilibili bb [bb] av2075941 bilibili bilibili logo
AcFun ac [ac] 1894348 AcFun AcFun logo
piapro pp [pp] lZVK piapro piapro logo
TmBox tm [tm] 696643 TmBox TmBox logo
muzie mz [mz] 296368 muzie muzie logo
SoundCloud sc [sc] umaainc/11-patchwork-eden-feat-gumi SoundCloud SoundCloud logo
? [sc] 104507996 SoundCloud
? [sc] [sc] SoundCloud SoundCloud
5sing 5s [5s] yc/2444868 5sing 5sing logo
VocaDB db [db] 23578 VocaDB VocaDB logo
Bandcamp bc [bc] empathp rose-thorn-piano-arrange Bandcamp Bandcamp logo
Douban do [do] 602675 Douban Douban logo
Vlare vl [vl] 0bRkIhoB Vlare Vlare logo
NetEase Music ne [ne] 1946272363 NetEase Music NetEase Music logo
External 00 [→] http://music.a8.com/view/50524352 [→] title-comment Thumb-etc.png Nwp8861 - けんか別れ.png