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{{font}} This template is used to define text styles, for example, size and color. It can also be used to inject CSS. This is very useful when it is needed to change "I" to "I", since uppercase "I" looks the same as lowercase "L".


{{font|TEXT(or「text=TEXT」)|font=FONT|size=SIZE(px/em/pt/%)|color=COLOR|bgcolor=BACKGROUND COLOR|css=CSS}}


If enter {{font|text=Some text.|font=Comic Sans MS|size=20px|color=#7f5620}}
It will show as: Some text.

If enter {{font|Illinois|font=Times|size=20}}
It will show as: Illinois, which is way better than Illinois.

Enter Will show as
{{font|Brown text.|font=Times New Roman|size=20px|color=#7f5620}} Brown text.
{{font|text=Hello World!|font=Century Gothic|size=35px|color=#bf00bf}} Hello World!
{{font|text=囧囧囧囧囧|font=Simhei|color=#c9b295|bgcolor=#364d6a}} 囧囧囧囧囧
{{font|text=You can use all parameters.|font=Courier New|size=20px|color=#5a7aad|bgcolor=#f9f9ef}} You can use all parameters.
{{font|text=You can also choose specific parameters to set.|size=25px}} You can also choose specific parameters to set.
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