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This is the template used on producer pages.


{{Infobox Producer
|image        = 
|caption      = 
|producer     = ''' '''
|debut        = 
|currently    = 
|genre        = 
|labels       = 
|associations = 
|official     = []
|url          = []
|playlist     = ([])
|content      =
# "Name of Song" (Mon.00.20**) 
# "Name of Song" (Vocaloid used) (Mon.00.20**) 
# "Name of Song" (Vocaloid used) (Song of original Singer/s) (Mon.00.20**) 

image     = Producers avatar
caption   = either describe the icon or just put producers name, open for suggestions or removal
producer  = put name of producer and describe what their music career has been
debut     = the date their first Vocaloid song or work was viewed by public, open for suggestions or removal
currently = if they are still active or inactive in their music career aka retired 
genre     = the genre of music they are best known for
labels    = if the producer is signed to an official music label
associations = what other producers, acts, bands etc they are connected to / working with / Individual/independent etc
official  = producers official website / blog etc
url       = producers site service of choice, such as twitter, facebook, nico, youtube etc
playlist  = a music playlist that can be accessed by the public and listened to
content   = the producers work, number by #

If there is producer work in the content space, but no profile for the producer
please tag the page with {{Producer w\no profile}}


! This template is being deprecated and being replaced.

To make this notice disappear, please replace the concerned template by the replacement one(s).

Replacement template(s) is/are: div table then sortable table. Refer to this page.

STATUS:{{{debut}}} → {{{currently}}}
WORKS: (Upload date)
  1. "Name of Song" (Mon.00.20**)
  2. "Name of Song" (Vocaloid used) (Mon.00.20**)
  3. "Name of Song" (Vocaloid used) (Song of original Singer/s) (Mon.00.20**)
For this next sections see 164‎ for an example and the linked templates to be aware of its parameters.

Featured song

Use the Template:Infobox song for this section

{{Infobox song
|nnd_id = |yt_id = 
|composer = |lyricist = 
|overallPVwork = |illustrator = |videoeditor =
|vocaloid =
|description = 
|uploaddate = |title1 = 
|image = |thumb = }} <!-- --> 

Featured album

Use the Template:Infobox discography for this section

{{Infobox discography
|image = 
|page = [[]]
|image2 = 
|page2 = [[]]
|producer = 
|producer2 = 
|date = 
|date2 = }} <!-- -->

Featured compilation album

Use the Template:Album list for this section

==Compilation Albums==
{{Album list
|album1 = Original album name
|date1 = Release date
|song1 = Original name of the song featured}}