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This template is used on producer pages to display songs.


Type {{Infobox song}} somewhere.


This sample only includes NicoVideo.

{{Infobox song
|nnd_id = sm#
|composer = Composer-P |lyricist = Lyricist-P
|overallPVwork = Composer-P |illustrator = Illustrator-P |videoeditor = Illustrator-P
|vocaloid = Vocaloid-name
|description = Description 
|uploaddate = YY.MM.DD |title2 = Title of song}}

results in...

Title of song

Uploaded YY.MM.DD Featuring Vocaloid-name
Music Composer-P
Lyrics Lyricist-P
Video Composer-P, Illustrator-P (illust), Illustrator-P (video)



{{Infobox song
|nnd_id = |yt_id = 
|composer = |lyricist = 
|overallPVwork = |illustrator = |videoeditor =
|vocaloid =
|description = 
|uploaddate = |title1 = }} <!-- --> 


{{Infobox song
|nnd_id = |nnd_comment = NicoNico
|yt_id = |yt_comment = YouTube
|bb_id = |bb_comment = BiliBili
|pp_id = |pp_comment = Piapro 
|sc_id = |sc_comment = SoundCloud
|5s_id = |5s_comment = 5SING
|mz_id = |mz_comment = Muzie
|vm_id = |5s_comment = vimeo
|tm_id = |tm_comment = TmBox
|etc = |xtra_name = |xtra_comment = 
|composer = |lyricist = 
|overallPVwork = |illustrator = |videoeditor =
|vocaloid =
|description = 
|uploaddate = |title1 = |title2 = }}

Parameter requirements

  • title1: Causes creation of link to main article
  • title2: Doesn't cause a link to main article, simply a header. Can be also used to supply a translated title (different from title1) for the header while linking to the main article created by title1.
  • thumb: Allows you choose which thumbnail to use if an image wasn't chosen in the previous field. Youtube has three optional thumbnails, type 1,2,or 3 at the end to change it.
    • To trigger a thumbnail place any of the following in the parameter: nnd/yt/or yt#/bb also sc for SoundCloud.
  • icon: This auto fixes an image to be a 100 x 100 px icon.