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This template is used on Company and Software pages.


Syntax usage

Pulled parameters

For Company pages
  |area served = 
  |industry = 
  |services = 
  |website  = 

For Software pages
  | format  = 


{{Infobox Company

color = ; color:
image = Company logo
type = Public, Private, Joint Venture
genre = Specialty
foundation = YYY/MM/DD
founder = Person(s)/entrepreneur(s) who founded the company.
key people = Up to four key individuals closely associated with the company.
location = Current location of the company's headquarters.
area served = Geographic area(s) the company does business in.
industry = Primary business market(s) and/or industry the company occupies.
products = Company's best known current or former products.
services = Company's best known current or former services offered.
vocals = List the company's current vocal(s).
website =



{{Infobox software

color = ; color:
image = software logo
company = Developers/Creators etc
distributor = Distributors/Holders of the software
initial release = Month date year
stable release = Name of tech released on
status = In development, Inactive, etc.
osystem = Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, etc.
type = Product information
code = Product code / number
language = The designated origin and language of the tech
affiliation = The company/group the tech is connected to
license = Proprietary, Freeware, General Public License, etc.
illustrator = Optional mention of software box artist
website =


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