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April 14 (UTC)

  • Nothing is currently known to have happened on this day.

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Wiki announcements

  • The guidelines for lyrics have been updated in order to respect Fandom's Terms of Use. More info here and here.
  • Ongoing task for the wiki include:
    • Sweep outdated song articles for touch-up edits; match the points seen on the preload layouts.
    • Moving discography content from =Background= to =Other media appearances=.
    • The creation of any new album articles and new producer articles will follow the new guidelines. The older song, album, and producer articles are gradually being updated indiscriminately by editors.
  • User:Tokikobot is set to update song view counts on January 31.
  • Edits are being made in relation to the recent news from Crypton Future Media.

The Latest News



  • Encryption changes occurring for VOCALOID please read here for more details.
    Warning: Please be aware of your OS version. Windows 8.1 or later are fine, but older Windows OS will be impacted. You may find trouble registering software. Mac OS users may check the version of their License Manager.


  • Ver 5.6.2 fixed an issue for sounds cutting off at the end of the first part when VOCALOID part is used continuously over two parts in the same track on 5.6.0. (january 25, 2021)


  • None at the moment

Vocal updates

  • Yuezheng Ling V5's latest demo, "Chǒu Mǎ", was released for her character birthday. The update's production was confirmed to be nearing completion and trials with detailed rules would be released at a later date. (April 12, 2021)
  • Luo Tianyi V5 was featured at the Spring Festival Gala. She performed "Tīng Wǒ Shuō" along with Yueliang Jiejie and Roy Wang. (February 11, 2020)
  • YANHE V5 made its debut in the Bái Rì Mèng EP. Demo song revealed to be "Tiándù 71.1%". (July 11, 2020)
  • An unnamed Korean male vocal was confirmed to be in production from ST MEDiA Co., Ltd.. While there is hope for him to be produced for VOCALOID5, it's possible he could be made for another synthesizer. A survey was launched to gauge fans' opinions. (July 10, 2020)

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