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The series articles template. See the guidelines for more information.


The Series_box parameters must be in this order, do not rearrange or collapse this structure.

color =
#000000; color: #FFFFFF;
See Vcolor/doc for more information.
image =
The file name of an image to display.
title =
To title Song series add "'''This Format'''".
To title translations use plain text format below it.
date =
The month, date, and year the series was first published.
To hide this section add  date = none
singers =
To link VOCALOIDs add [[This Format]].
To link wikis see Interwiki/doc for more information.
producers =
To link Producers add [[This Format]].
To link wikis see Interwiki/doc for more information.
links =
To link websites use this format [url  name].
To hide this section add  links = none


{{Series box
  |color      = 
  |image      = 
  |title      = 
  |date       = 
  |singers    = 
  |producers  = 
  |links      = 

Image of "Series box"
Series title
  • "タイトル"
  • Romaji: Taitoru
  • English: Title
  • Official English: Title
Published Month Date, Year
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