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This template adds a shared lyrics section (with variables) while not disrupting the flow of a lyrics table.

See NeapolitaN for examples of usage.


|1 =
Overrides the default colspan value (how many table columns the shared lyrics will occupy). The default value for colspan is 2, so filling out this parameter is typically not needed.
It is also possible to insert {{#vardefine:lyrics-colspan|VALUE}} once on a page; {{shared}} will then use that value for colspan for the rest of a page.


{| style="width:100%"
! align="left" | ''Japanese'' (日本語歌詞)
! align="left" | ''Romaji'' (ローマ字)
|minshuu nado niwa me mo kurezu
|kanojo– wa kou itta
|<br />
| {{shared}} | {{color|crimson|「あら、おやつの時間だわ」}}
| {{shared}} | {{color|crimson|"ara, oyatsu no jikan dawa"}}
|<br />
|悪の華 可憐に散る
|aku no hana karen ni chiru
|azayaka na irodori de

Japanese (日本語歌詞) Romaji (ローマ字)
民衆などには目もくれず minshuu nado niwa me mo kurezu
彼女–はこういった kanojo– wa kou itta

"ara, oyatsu no jikan dawa"

悪の華 可憐に散る aku no hana karen ni chiru
鮮やかな彩りで azayaka na irodori de

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