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The former song articles template and a dependency for the Lua template: Module:Song box conversion. See the guidelines for more information.

  • This is an outdated infobox. Please see the updated version: Template:Song box 2.
  • Do Not Use Template:Song_box on mainspace pages unless you intend to convert the template.
  • If you want to copy the coding click here.
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The Song_box parameters must be in this order, do not rearrange or collapse this structure.

color =
#000000; color: #FFFFFF;
See Vcolor/doc for more information.
image =
The file name of an image to display.
songtitle =
The title of the song.
This includes the original language, its romanization, and English translation.
uploaddate =
The month, date, and year the song was first published.
To hide this section leave blank.
viewcount =
To link views add this format NUM+ (abbr). e.g. 125+ (NND)
To hide this section leave blank.
singer =
To link VOCALOIDs add [[This Format]].
To link wikis see Interwiki/doc for more information.
producer =
To link Producers add [[This Format]].
To link wikis see Interwiki/doc for more information.
XX_id =
To link websites add this format XX_id =.
XX_comment =
To caption websites add this format XX_comment =.
  • Inputs are below:

The Song_box external links must be in this format, do not add the full URL; only usage of "etc" requires that or simply a comment.

|nnd_id = sm1097445
|nnd_comment = Niconico Broadcast
|yt_id = Q6rcB9UKITg
|yt_comment = youTube Broadcast
|bb_id = 280856
|bb_comment = bilibili Broadcast
|pp_id = BhaC
|pp_comment = Piapro Broadcast
|sc_id = porter-robinson/sad-machine
|sc_comment = SoundCloud Broadcast
|5s_id = 2018118 yc
|5s_comment = 5SING Broadcast
|mz_id = 255025
|mz_comment = muzie Broadcast
|vm_id = 101373765
|vm_comment = vimeo Broadcast
|tm_id = 328735
|tm_comment = TmBox Broadcast
|etc = Example Broadcast


{{Song box
  |color      = 
  |image      = 
  |songtitle  = 
  |uploaddate = 
  |viewcount  = 
  |singer     = 
  |producer   = 
  |XX_id      = 

This is a placeholder image
Song title
  • Romaji: Taitoru
  • English: Title
  • Official English: Title
Uploaded Month Date, Year, with 100+ on Website_name views
Producer (music, lyrics)
  • Producer (illust)
Niconico Broadcast • YouTube Broadcast
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