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  • "tensai"
Published January 11, 2019, with 150+ SoundCloud views 150+ YouTube views 90+ Niconico views
  • hagayui (music, lyrics, illust, PV)


"tensai" is a song featuring Amy and Chris by hagayui. It is the first song for a series by the producer. No further details about this song were given.


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Withering away
A world full of cynical hate
A god rules bestowing cruel fates
And yet we keep faith
A world built to someone's design
A deity who's out of his mind
The worshippers stray
They rose from a tower of clay
Stuck down by a sinister ray
To somebody's ruse
Ah, I feel I have lost
I sleep in the warmth of the frost, ah~

My apologies
Oh, it seems that someone now sees me.
Welcome to Heaven, are you to please me?
No? Unusual, someone has summoned
Someone defiant in my domain...

How nerve-wracking!
Someone's attacking!
Traitors in the room, let the mist reveal.
Hmm, no one has summoned this human?
Guess I'll entitle him to my name :P

There's potential in your eyes
And a fire in your heart
A privilege to fly
And shine light where there is dark
A powerful domain
For a blessing from our grace
So why don't you take a bite
And become a T E N S A I?

A revolution spins
A deity falling amiss
His cold stare letting out a hiss
A (tensai) hides
Right there in his innocent eyes
Foreshadowment of the world's demise

A hideous twist
The gods have been overthrown
And thus they let the world explode
He's carried away
To somewhere safe from sinister fates
A goddess is praising his name

Oh, a fate that he had to suffer
He's always running, nowhere to go
Staring at an Earth that he loved
Now ashes and dust and covered in snow
"How unfair!" He screamed to the sky
Why him and why now? And simply just why?
Maybe with the gift that he gained
This lachyrmose fate could be rearranged

Running from dismay, just to find he's deeper in
Be blessing be it curse, it's already wearing thin
So with what barely exists in the forest of his mind
He will make the world anew, and with a kinder mankind

Potential in his eyes and a fire in your heart
Dying slowly with the Earth as he shines into the dark
Just a sliver left to place--But it all faded away
As the fire from his eyes was no longer T E N S A I

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