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  • "The Blame"
Published October 11, 2015, with 280+ SoundCloud views
  • Raävi


The Blame” is an original Hatsune Miku song. It was entered in the HATSUNE MIKU EXPO SONG CONTEST.


Went out with some friends of mine
That use to play the game
We lost and so predictably
They said I was to blame
They said I didn't care for them
Cared only for myself
And so without a second thought
I put them on the shelf, on the shelf

There was a boy that I once knew
He use to hang around
He dropped by the other day
He said I let him down
He told me that I used him
Just to get my way
And so without another word
I made him go away, go away

Thinking 'bout my life today
From whence and where it came
And so characteristically
I hold myself to blame
I wonder where I'll lead myself
And if I'll ever change
I guess it's really up to me
And that's what's really strange, really strange

Now I don't think it's tragic
And I won't take the blame
So I don't feel any pain at all

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