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Song title
  • "The Bottom of the Lake"
Published Dec 19, 2013, with 140+ YouTube views and 70+ YouTube views (album ver.)


"The Bottom of the Lake" is an original song by A. Maya featuring AVANNA.


Do you remember the
Vow we made
Many years ago
In the past that we have left behind?

We promised to be together
Until the very end -
We were happy.

Our stems were
Once intertwined, but
The flowers had budded
Miles apart.

I opened up to you
And gave you a part of my soul -
All you can say
Is that you thought
That you know me, but you weren't able to -
You couldn't see that

That was me, and
This is me.

I sometimes fall apart
But that doesn't make me
You will never understand
That flowers do not flourish
Without the rain.
I know that you'll -
You'll never understand that.
But that doesn't change
A single damn thing.

Don't say that my laughter
Wasn't real; you know I never
Faked anything.
But sometimes I had lost
Myself in whom you wanted me
To be, but I know

(That) In the dark, I know
(Was me, and this) Who I truly am.
(Is me) I know who I am.

All of my existence,
I've walked this barren path.
This is the life I was given,
And I can't just cast it away
Because you
Want me to be more like you.
You are caging me

(You're not always) I didn't want to
(Right) Give myself up
(Not always right) Because you couldn't get that I

Sometimes fall apart,
But that doesn't mean I'm
You will never understand
That people cannot blossom
Without hardships.
I know that you'll -
You'll never understand me.
And that is what will
Divide you and

I won't survive much longer
If you keep suffocating me.
Let me drown in this lake,
For when I reach the bottom,
I'll see the real me.

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