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Song title
  • "The Council of ????"
Published November 27, 2015, with 240+ YouTube views
  • Caprice

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"The Council of ????" is an original English VOCALOID song featuring DEX, as well as MEIKO, Kagamine Rin/Len and Megurine Luka as background vocals featured in the chorus. All five VOCALOID's were used at gender factor 30.

It tells the story of a separated couple, with the boy (DEX), being upset about the ended relationship. He writes a story recounting the events of their love and publishes it to the Internet for others to read. However, the readers regard it as simple fiction, defeating the purpose of the story. The story begins to gain more viewership and popularity, and he begins to realize he wants to do more than just write a story. In the end, he agrees to meet with a stranger to discuss something he plans to do, with the mysterious newcomer never being revealed at the end of the song.

The song is related to fallout by the same author, and more distantly the rest of the Jugol Series.


Now, I must tell my story about what happened to me
But I cannot speak, so what am I to do?
Though we would always bicker, it’s not the same without you
Getting my story out so people would know about what had happened to us

So I chose to type it out and put my story on the Internet
People read the tale I gave out, but it seems they took it as fiction…

It seems my story’s getting surprisingly popular
But few recognize that this story is true
Slowly, I realize that there’s something I need to say
Getting my story out is not all that can be done to make the world know

So I chose to meet up with someone who was saying what I wanted to
In the end, we managed to meet up and it turns out it was…

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