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Image of "The Greatest in Heaven"
Song title
  • "The Greatest in Heaven"
Published August 2, 2013, with 100+ YouTube views
  • Katolika


"The Greatest in Heaven" is an original song by Katolika featuring Prima and Tonio.


Who is the Greatest in heaven?
They said a question before Christ
Who is the Greatest in heaven?

Suffer the children, for theirs is
The kingdom of heaven, oh

You receive the children now
As you would receive your Lord

Place the little ones before Christ
For he places them before you

In the kingdom

As the children

The innocence, of their faith
Oh let them guide us on our way

Those that harm the little ones
The noose shall be…

On their necks!

As the Lord has said

On their necks, hang the stone
Cast them down to the depths below!

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