Image of "The History of OOS"
Album title
  • "The History of OOS"
Published July 19, 2017, for ¥2,500
  • out of service (music, lyrics, arrange)
  • Kai Ohno (voice manipulation)
  • Hayao Konishi (voice manipulation)
  • Ciel (voice manipulation)
  • Ken Hatae (instrumental)
  • Teppei Kawasaki (instrumental)
  • Kikuchi Masayoshi (instrumental)
  • Nagie (mix)
  • Yuji Kamijo (mix)

Background[edit | edit source]

The History of OOS is an original album by out of service. It contains 14 tracks, most of them being rearrangements of older songs by the artist. It features IA, GUMI and Hatsune Miku, as well as the CeVIO ONE. CYBER DIVA also sings in the third track.

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Track listing[edit | edit source]

All tracks written by out of service.

1."スクランブルエッグガール" (Scrambled Egg Girl)Hatsune Miku4:31
2."東 京 リ ア ル ワ ー ル ド" (Tokyo Real World)IA4:24
3."ホロンボット" (Horon Bot / Phorone Bot)ONE, CYBER DIVA4:20
4."西新宿JCT" (Nishi Shinjuku JCT / West Shinjuku JCT)ONE3:13
5."オータムブリーズ" (Autumn Breeze)GUMI4:51
6."マジックアワー" (Magic Hour)IA4:15
7."桔梗の涙" (Kikyou no Namida / Tears of Bellflowers)GUMI3:54
8."横浜バトルライン" (Yokohama Battle Line)IA4:08
9."錻のツバメ" (Buriki no Tsubame / Iron Swallow)GUMI3:33
10."M'AIDER遭難ガール" (M'AIDER Sounan Girl / M'AIDER Shipwrecked Girl)IA3:29
11."ホワイトアウト" (White Out)IA4:26
12."セルリアンヴェスパ" (Cerulean Vesper)IA4:23
13."サイコモーション" (Psycho Motion)GUMI3:57
14."星の後日談" (Hoshi no Gojitsudan / Star's Later Talk)Hatsune Miku4:24
Total length:57:48

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