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Image of "The Missing Ones (Deluxe Edition)"
Album title
  • "The Missing Ones (Deluxe Edition)"
Published January 13, 2014, for $10.00 USD
  • Creep-P (music, lyrics)
  • NintendoChu (album art)

Background[edit | edit source]

"The Missing Ones (Deluxe Edition)" is the deluxe version of Creep-P's second album, The Missing Ones. The album was available on Bandcamp, but has since been deleted.

Succeeding album[edit | edit source]

Tracklist[edit | edit source]

All lyrics written by Creep-P; all music composed by Creep-P.

1."Welcome to Hell" (Intro)Jimmie Chews 
2."嘘吐き (Usotsuki)" (Liar)MAYU6:39
4."Heart of Gold"KAITO3:55
5."Cybertronic Queen"SONiKA4:58
6."友達が大好き (Tomodachi ga Daisuki)" (I Love My Friends)SeeU 
7."キレイな悪夢 (Kirei na Akumu)" (Beautiful Nightmare)VY1 
8."取り付かれて (Toritsukarete)" (Obsessed)galaco4:43
9."パージ (Purge)"VY2 
10."Heart Of Gold" (nostr8answer Remix)KAITO 
11."Biohazard" (Vladnuke Remix)GUMI 
12."取り付かれて (Toritsukarete)" (Obsessed, Krypt's Club Remix)Megurine Luka 
13."嘘吐き (Usotsuki)" (Liar, Mathematicus' Rearrangement)MAYU 
14."パージ (Purge)" (baggagelizard Remix)VY2 
15."嘘吐き (Usotsuki)" (Liar)MONBOM 
16."取り付かれて (Toritsukarete)" (Obsessed)Amagaku 
17."友達が大好き (Tomodachi ga Daisuki)" (I Love My Friends)Harusaki Mokuren 

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