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Song title
  • "'The Moment Before the End"
  • Official Japanese: 終わる前の瞬間
Published August 21, 2017, with 2,700+ Niconico views, 10,500+ YouTube views, 790+ SoundCloud views, and 490+ piapro views
  • Lystrialle (music, lyrics)
  • Yen-Mi (illustration)
  • Crispy-6uisness (design)


An end for this story of regrets.

"The Moment Before the End" is an original duet song by Lystrialle.


Singer + Color

When you walk across the collapsing road
Uncertain of your approaching fate
Will you try to reach the remains above
With the courage you left behind?

While the tears are falling between those words
The voices whisper that you're too late
And the feathers floating around the air
Only hide the things you wish to find

Throw aside and cast away the regrets that always kept you from moving ahead
(Embrace the arms that hold you dearly)
(Release the emotions and falling tears)
The promises, memories linked to falling tears

In the hopes of being penance paid
You destroyed the things that you loved so dear
And lost yourself in the false ideas you made

As you drown inside your guilt and shame
You refuse the hand that approaches near
The sorrow and loneliness that would never fade

As the scattered pieces fall to the ground
"It's never the end" comes back in reply
(Screaming that it's never the end with that faith in your eyes)
And the thoughts you won't admit that you'd suffered
Come rushing by
(Never surrendering and rushing by)

The warmth of the arms that embraced you in the pouring rain
The hands that would cradle your face
With that promise of "I'll never leave you alone"

(isithi ovúnia)

With no longer reason to hesitate, you call that name
That means something only to you
The reminder of that existence that you'd known

alara míla'ea
alara seria
alara ak'yúde freikithi

yéila nai isithi

Seasons changing, flying by
Without thinking of the things that could follow
The one you took for granted
Never would leave you no matter what happened to stand in the way

Even when the stars burn out
You would never let your promise ring hollow
Before it falls away from reach
(The feathers that fell into hands outreached)
Take the chance that remains for you here

If the light in your eyes flickered out and disappeared one day
You'd still try to fight to the end
For the one you treasure more than even your own

(at is ite akerei)

To spend all your time and the life you shared and choose to stay
The wish that you had from the start
Yet you'd kept your silence believing in your selfishness

Sharing a piece of your heart in that moment, you are only you
Whatever your purpose may be
Bringing up those things as happiness that you know

(utlare yu yéila)

The flowers are dyed in the colors lying in your view
They bloom with the flickering light
So until the end, never let those memories go


Kurai's cover ft. CYBER DIVA and SONGMAN
Kurai (cover), Lystrialle (VSQx)
Categories VOCALOID cover

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