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Image of "The Stage 1"
Album title
  • "The Stage 1"
Published July 11, 2013, for 59 Yuan for Physical
  • MAT, Zouyin, KOI (compose)
  • Senjougahara Yousei (compose, tuning, mixing, recording)
  • FlowersRite (compose, arrange, tuning, mixing)
  • Tiaonan-P (compose, lyrics, tuning, mastering)
  • litterzy (compose, arrange, guitar)
  • Dr. Yun (compose, mastering)
  • Luna Safari, Gaigai NYAN~ (arrange)
  • Xinghua Baozi, Nongsuo Paigu, Moke MK, Mou Luo, Dazuibalang, Xiaoyishiba, Shuang Yu Dong Niuwan (lyrics)
  • Jiangwuluanwan, GhostFinal (tuning)
  • CuTTleFiSh (mixing)
  • Tuzi jei (bass)
  • mtjjn (violin)

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"The Stage 1" is YANHE's first album, containing 7 songs and a bonus track, Rain of Dreams. A crossfade of the album was revealed before her voicebank was released.

Track listingEdit

1."柠檬烟火 (Níngméng Yānhuǒ)" (Lemon Fireworks)Xinghua BaoziMAT3:52
2."Newborn·新生 (Newborn·Xīnshēng)" (Newborn)Nongsuo PaiguSenjougahara Yousei4:29
3."簪春光 (Zān Chūnguāng)" (Hairpin of Spring)Moke MKZouyin4:01
4."舞夜序歌 (Wǔ Yè Xù Gē)" (Dancing Night Melody)Mou LuoHuazhiji-P3:15
5."心之光 (Xīn zhī Guāng)" (Light of Heart)Tiaonan-PTiaonan-P5:36
6."刀剑春秋 (Dāojiàn Chūnqiū)" (The Age of Swords and Blades)Dazuibalanglitterzy4:20
7."洗澡歌 (Xǐzǎo Gē)" (jazz of bathhouse)XiaoyishibaKOI2:47
8."梦之雨 (Mèng zhī Yǔ)" (Rain of Dreams)Shuang Yu Dong NiuwanDr. Yun4:07
Total length:32:27

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