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Image of "The Stage 2"
Album title
  • "The Stage 2"
Published November 25, 2013, for 49 Yuan for Physical

Preceding and succeeding albums[edit | edit source]

Background[edit | edit source]

The Stage 2 is YANHE's second official album.  It contains 8 original songs.

Track listing[edit | edit source]

1."月下挽歌 (Yuè Xià Wǎn Gē)" (Elegy Under the Moonlight)Mouluofeitie4:34
2."燃 (Rán)" (Burn)Bo NanWang Chao3:34
3."祀雨师录 (Sì Yǔ Shī Lù)" (The Story of the Rain Prayer)Bao JiRyuu3:48
4."镜中之国 (Jìng Zhōng zhī Guó)" (The Land Within the Mirror)MerlinMeLo3:16
5."心彩 (Xīn Cǎi)"iKzhimmel5:04
6."例行异常行为准则 (Lì Xíng Yìcháng Xíngwéi Zhǔnzé)" (Daily Rules of Abnormal Activity)Sugita Akira, HetianyeSugita Akira4:00
7."催眠怪盗言和 (Cuīmián Guàidào Yánhé)" (Hypnotic Phantom Thief, YANHE)Xinghua BaoziPoKeR3:37
8."别裂 (Bié Liè)"RosaryRosary4:28
Total length:32:21

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