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Album title
  • "The VOCALOID"
Published September 14, 2011, for ¥2,300


"The VOCALOID" is an album made in celebration of the opening of YAMAHA's online store, The VOCALOID Store, where people can order goods or programs online from the store and ship them to the buyer.

The CD contains 1 song from each Japanese VOCALOID from VOCALOID1 and VOCALOID2 at the time, with the exception of Mew, who debuted in VOCALOID3. 6 iconic songs of a specific VOCALOID is remixed and revamped with VocaListener by either the original producer or another producer.

The song order goes by when the VOCALOIDs featured in the album were created.

This album features Miku, Rin, Len, Luka, MEIKO, and KAITO (Crypton); GUMI, Gackpo, Lily, and Ryuto (Internet); Iroha, Yuki, Kiyoteru, and miki (AHS); Mew, VY2, and VY1 (Yamaha); and Piko (Ki/oon).

Track listing[]

1."Nostalogic" (THE VOCALOID edit)yuukiss, roseyuukissMEIKO4:15
2."千年の独奏歌 (Sennen no Dokusou Ka) (d.g.mix)" (Thousand Year Solo)yanagi-Pyanagi-PKAITO4:32
3."みくみくにしてあげる♪ (Miku Miku ni Shite Ageru♪)" (I'll Miku-Miku You♪ (For Reals))ikaikaHatsune Miku1:38
4."ココロ (Kokoro)" (Heart)Toraboruta-PToraboruta-PKagamine Rin4:50
5."悪ノ召使 (Aku no Meshitsukai)" (Servant of Evil)mothymothyKagamine Len (Kagamine Rin)5:11
6."ダンシング☆サムライ (Dancing☆Samurai)"Kanimiso-PKanimiso-PCamui Gackpo3:18
7."Just Be Friends"Dixie FlatlineDixie FlatlineMegurine Luka (630)5:04
8."モザイクロール (Mozaik Role)"DECO*27DECO*27GUMI3:11
9."風のただいま (Kaze no Tadaima)" (Coming Back of the Wind)Tsuyatsuya-PTsuyatsuya-PKaai Yuki4:44
10."Guilty Verse"Peperon-PPeperon-PHiyama Kiyoteru4:13
11."サテライト (Satellite)"Peperon-PPeperon-PSF-A2 miki4:04
12."リリリリ★バーニングナイト (Lily Lily★Burning Night)"samfreesamfreeLily4:02
13."月翅 (Tsukihane)" (Moon Wings)Seiko-PSeiko-PVY13:06
15."扉の向こう (Tobira no Mukou)" (Beyond the Door)sigotositePsigotositePNekomura Iroha4:03
16."言葉メテオ (Kotoba Meteor)" (Meteor Words)HYBRID SENSEHYBRID SENSEUtatane Piko3:10
17."硝子ノ華 (Glass no Hana)" (A Flower of Glass)Machigerita-PMachigerita-PVY24:37


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