• Hello NebulousViper,

    I thought about creating a producer page for T2o (Li Maoyang), since he is quite popular and released several songs featuring Luo Tianyi, Yuezheng Ling, Yanhe and Xin Hua. His popular songs for the SING Girl Group were also released as Vocaloid versions on bilibili. And he wrote several other Vocaloid songs, too. So we can add song pages on Vocaloid Wiki and Vocaloidlyrics. I would like it if more song information was added, but I don't know if we should mention the SING Girls in it since they are not related to Vocaloid. 

    I hope you think about my idea! :)

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    • You can add background to the songs if you want. If the SING Girls information have nothing to do with the song background, please don't mention it.

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    • Wow, I am impressed how you could add so many pages and information in an hour!! And how quick you researched for information! you have any tips about how you can edit so many pages that quickly? This is amazing. 

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    • All of the other pages were already made prior to making the producer page. In fact, in order for a producer page to exist, there must be at least 1 song page (or maybe an album page, but I have to ask about that first) existing on the wiki first.

      Producer pages don't generally take that long for me, but that depends on how many song and album pages exist for the particular producer. Very few Chinese producers listed at this wiki have too much that it may require subpages.

      I don't really have any tips tbh. It's years of practice. For me, that is 7 years worth of experience. ;w;

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