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Toku-P (とくP) is the professional musician, "Yoshinori Abe" (a.k.a. "beatica"). He made his debut of NicoNicoDouga in May 2009. Naturally, the completeness of his work is very high, and his first work got view counts of more than 50,000.
STATUS:May 2009 → Present
OFFICIAL:Homepage: Headphone Tokyo
URL(s)Channel: Nico Nico Youtube
PLAYLIST(s):(NicozonPlaylist / Nico Nico Douga List)
WORKS: (Upload date)
  1. "COLOR" (May.06.2009)
  2. "blue bird" (Jun.28.2009)
  3. "SPiCa" (Jul.27.2009) with subtitles
  4. "RiNG My BeLL" (Aug.12.2009)
  5. "Buta ga Nigeta (HPT Remix)" (Sep.04.2009)
  6. "Rainbow" (Oct.31.2009)
  7. "Black" (Nov.02.2009)
  8. "Butterfly" (Nov.10.2009)
  9. "The Universe" (Dec.05.2009)
  10. "Itakoi ☆ Ren-ai Flagation" (Dec.16.2009)
  11. "Tookamae no Kotodeshita." (Dec.23.2009)
  12. "ARiA" (Apr.28.2010)
  13. "melting summer" (Jun.30.2010)
  14. "Asteroid" (SeeU & Miku) (2012)

Songs / Featured Works

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Favicon-nn.png(uploaded by author)
Uploaded 2009.07.27 Featuring Hatsune Miku
Music Toku-P (music), Dadiburaotoko (guitar) Main article SPiCa
Lyrics kentax vs Toku-P
Video Refeia
A song about Miku, being a star, watching over us all. This song has reached over 900,000 views. It is featured in the 39's Giving Day 2010 Concert, the MikuNoPolis 2011 Concert and the 39's Giving Day 2012 Concert; also in the games Project DIVA Extend, Project DIVA Arcade and Miku Flick/02 (DLC).

The Universe

Uploaded 2009.12.06 Featuring SF-A2 miki
Music Toku-P Main article The Universe
Lyrics Toku-P
Video Kuromaro
One of miki's more notable songs with over 18,000 views.


Favicon-nn.png(uploaded by author)
Uploaded 2010.04.28 Featuring Hatsune Miku
Music Toku-P (music), Sleepwalker (guitar), ORYO (bass) Main article ARiA
Lyrics Toku-P, Lino, Kionachi
Video Refeia (illust), Kionachi (design), Sleepwalker (video)
One of Toku-P's most popular hits, a song about a girl, ARiA. This song has reached over 600,000 views. It is featured in the MikuPa Live in Tokyo 2011 Concert, the MikuPa Live in Sapporo 2011 Concert, the MikuPa Live in Singapore 2011 Concert, the MikuPa Live in Tokyo 2012 Concert and the MikuPa Live in Kansai 2013 Concert.

blue bird

Favicon-nn.png(uploaded by author)
Uploaded 2009.06.27 Featuring GUMI
Music Toku-P
Lyrics uryan
Video Renge (illust)
This song has reached over 500,000 views and is featured in the game Megpoid the Music♯.
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