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Series title
  • Toukyou Dennou Tantei Dan / Shoudou × Pandemonics
Published September 24, 2012

Toukyou Dennou Tantei Dan / Shoudou × Pandemonics is a mini-series composed by PolyphonicBranch, bass by H.J.Freaks and Tissue Princess, illustration by MONQ, and video by hie.



東京電脳探偵団 (Tokyo Dennou Tantei Dan)

Uploaded September 24, 2012 Featuring Hatsune Miku, GUMI, Megurine Luka, IA, Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Len, and Camui Gackpo
Music PolyphonicBranch (music), H.J.Freaks (bass) Main article 東京電脳探偵団 (Tokyo Dennou Tantei Dan)
Lyrics PolyphonicBranch
Video MONQ (illust), hie (video)
This is the first song in the series with over 300,000 views. It's about a group of people calling themselves the Cyber Detective Brigade.

This song is featured in the album Dennou Ryodan -Cyber Brigade- (電脳旅団 -サイバーブリゲイド).

衝動×パンデモニクス (Shoudou × Pandemonics)

Uploaded January 6, 2013 Featuring Yuzuki Yukari, VY2, Lily, MEIKO, and KAITO
Music PolyphonicBranch (music), Tissue Princess (bass) Main article 衝動×パンデモニクス (Shoudou × Pandemonics)
Lyrics PolyphonicBranch
Video MONQ (illust), hie (video)
This is the second song in the series with over 100,000 views. It introduces a different set of characters who are involved with the mysterious underground organization.

This song is featured on the album V Love 25 -Exclamation-.

慟哭トリガー (Doukoku Trigger)

Uploaded February 14, 2014 Featuring Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Len
Music PolyphonicBranch (music), Ygarshi (bass)
Lyrics PolyphonicBranch
Video MONQ (illust), hie (video)
This is the third song in the series.


Members from Toukyou Dennou Tantei DanEdit

Hatsune MikuEdit

TDTD SxP - Profile Miku Weapon: Colt-M1911A1 Government Model
Having lost her parents at an early age, Miku was brought up in an orphanage.[1][2] She's brilliant and calm, showing very little emotions and hates being sympathetic. Because she's good at observing others, the responsibility of being the boss was thrust upon her. She prefers living alone.

Kagamine RinEdit

TDTD SxP - Profile Rin Weapon: Diction thread, Mono-molecular wire
The twin sister of Len, she met Miku in the orphanage. In the orphanage, Rin was well-liked and preferred practicing with her wire, having learned wire technology from someone. She loves candy and constantly sneaks some into her office. Though she's often scolded by GUMI for wasting money, she doesn't care. She believes the Detective Brigade has a noble goal and she has a strong bond with Len and Miku.

Kagamine LenEdit

TDTD SxP - Profile Len Weapon: Walther-MPK
Len and Rin met Miku in the orphanage. Though he has outstanding athletic abilities, he often acts without thinking, which leads him into trouble and annoys IA (since he ruins their strategies). A huge dreamer, he wants to leave this town and make it big.

Megurine LukaEdit

TDTD SxP - Profile Luka Weapon:Winchester-M1897
Luka was a former member of the Chinese drug cartel but escaped and was washed ashore in this foreign city. Taking on a new name, she also rescued IA and the two became part of the Detective Brigade. She's cool but kind and can't leave abandoned cats alone (secretly keeping them).


TDTD SxP - Profile GUMI Weapon: Beretta-M92FS
GUMI was introduced to the Detective Brigade by Gackpo. She's obsessed with money though no one knows why. As such, she clashes with the embezzling demon Rin. GUMI is responsible for calculations and accounting, something she enjoys. She usually relies on others but sometimes has a fit of rage or fear.


TDTD SxP - Profile IA Weapon: M.O.D-LTC875
During an accident, IA lost most of her body and was presumed to be dead. However, her parts were replaced with mechanical parts. She takes on cases that don't involve machines, which she claims is for efficiency but her real intentions are unclear. She sometimes hums a song she likes under her breath.

Camui GackpoEdit

TDTD SxP - Profile Gakupo Weapon:Douji-giri Yatsuna Shadow Stroke
Gackpo was the heir to a prestigious family in an old town and at first couldn't stand to leave home but eventually did. Contrary to appearance, he's a smooth talker and social. He's also the one looking after the other members (or at least he tries) though he seems to be standoffish with Miku. He's familiar with all sorts of swordplay but prefers Japanese sorts. He secretly wants to be come like Ishikawa Goemon (a semi-legendary outlaw hero).

Members from Shoudou × PandemonicsEdit


TDTD SxP - Profile Lily Weapon: H&K MP5-A3, M26 Hand Grenade
A nun who came to volunteer at the orphanage. She likes children and has a necklace with the same cross that Miku, Rin, and Len have. Her favorite phrase is "This is a prayer."

Yuzuki YukariEdit

TDTD SxP - Profile Yukari Weapon: Anything cool
Yukari is a weapon maniac but useless with handling them. She conceals weapons in her skirt because something's momentum is overlooked or because of a lack of a risk. Though she an IA were childhood friends, IA was gone after the accident. Things became different for Yukari and she was saddened. She has a teddy bear she cherishes and is spastically longing for a cool weapon.


TDTD SxP - Profile VY2 Weapon:山金造波文蛭巻大太刀
Though a loner, VY2 is currently hired by the organization as an assassin. He can handle any request and wants to experience the thrill of being a Epicurean. If it's Luka who asked him to follow the organization, the reasons behind it are mysterious.


TDTD SxP - Profile MEIKO Weapon: Liuyedao
MEIKO had followed Luka but belongs to the organization. She's strong and constantly near KAITO. She seems to be concerned about KAITO's actions, but anyways, she's very strong.


TDTD SxP - Profile KAITO Weapon: Walther-PPK
KAITO is the second-in-command, he's cool and cruel as well as calculating.[3][4] Though he dislikes children, he donates large amounts to an orphanage for unknown reasons. There's a conflict between his beliefs and the organization's.

Other media appearancesEdit



External linksEdit


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