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Song title
  • "Trading Sanity for Fantasy"
Published May 9, 2014, with 2,300+ YouTube views
  • Venova


What do you think of the lyrics? It was a hard topic to come up with decent ones for, it's sortof a song about love, obsession, devotion, and some other feelings, about a person I'll never know. I hope I can come up with better ones for future songs, but this is okay for now I guess.

Trading Sanity for Fantasy is an original song by Venova featuring MAIKA. The song was entered in the MAIKA Original Song Contest coming in 34th place.


Sitting alone
In monitor glow
I look into your eyes
Gazing at me
Through this flat screen
I lose track of time
I was lonely
Until I found you
But now I don't care
I don't need anyone
It's you I love
I give myself to you forever
Just pixels on my screen
I know it's just a dream
But thats okay with me
I want you
I need you
I'm going insane for you
Trading sanity, for a fantasy
Losing touch with my, reality
Limitless beauty, captivating me
I belong to you, eternally
Daydreams haunt me
I fantasize all day
I think of all the
Things I want to say
I'll never touch you
I'll never hold you
And for that I despair
I would give anything
If I could bring
My lips to yours
My darling Ella
Just pixels on my screen
I see you in my dreams
And I believe in you
My goddess
My angel
I give all my life to you

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