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{{Infobox Producer
Treow (Sakashoudou-P, 逆衝動P) is one of the late new faces who made its debut in Oct.2008. He has two big hits which got over 100,000 view counts, but almost his works got over 10,000 view counts.
|image = Treow producer icon.jpg
|producer = '''Treow''', also known as '''Sakashoudou-P''' ('''逆衝動P'''), creates both originals and remixes of songs from other VOCALOID producers, most notably with [[AVTechNO!]].
|debut = October 2008
|currently = Assumed active
|genre = Electronic, jazz
|labels =
|associations =
|official = Website: [http://electrocutica.com Electrocutica]
|url = Channel: [http://www.nicovideo.jp/user/9450851 niconico]<br />[http://twitter.com/treow Twitter], [http://www.facebook.com/ELECTROCUTICA Facebook]
|playlist = ([http://www.nicovideo.jp/mylist/8967861 Nico Nico Douga List])
|content = #"L'azur" (Oct.19.2008)
#"Chaining Intention" (Nov.08.2008)
#"Chopsticks Girl" (Dec.18.2008)
#"Light Snow" (Dec.21.2008)
#"~white~" (Dec.31.2008)
#"Light Snow (Revision)" (Dec.31.2008)
#"Dependence Intention" (May.15.2009)
#"Fantasia Nr.1" (May.16.2009)
#"Chaining Intention [Re:form mix]" (Jul.06.2009)
#"Amefuru Hakoniwa" (Jul.22.2009)
#"Drain" (Sep.04.2009)
#"Blindness" (Dec.09.2009)
#"iDOLLA" (Jan.22.2010)
#"DYE/Re:flection+" [AVTechNO!×Treow] (Aug.16.2010)
#"ARCA" (Dec.25.2010)
#"Reversus" (feat. Luschka and The Reversus Orchestra) (May.10.2011)
#"Aquila" (Nov.23.2011)
#"Chaining Intention Re:verse mix" (Mar.16.2012)}}
==Songs / Featured Works==
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Works (Upload date) ; ([http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=7FD6509D5CE24619 YouTube Playlist] / [http://www.nicovideo.jp/mylist/8967861 Nico Nico Douga List])
{{Infobox song
|nnd_id = sm5180053
|composer = '''Treow'''|lyricist = NaturaLe
|overallPVwork = Hana Suzume (illust)
|vocaloid = [[Hatsune Miku]]
|description = An upbeat electronic pop song that has entered the ''[[Hall of Fame]]''.
|uploaddate = 2008.11.07|title2 = |title1 = Chaining Intention}}
{{Infobox song
|nnd_id = sm7046584
|composer = '''Treow'''|lyricist = NaturaLe
|overallPVwork = natsu
|vocaloid = Hatsune Miku, [[Megurine Luka]]
|description = The answer song to Chaining Intention. This song has entered the ''[[Hall of Fame]]''.
|uploaddate = 2009.05.15|title1 = Dependence Intension}}
{{Infobox song
|nnd_id = sm9047804
|yt_id = Cyrg1b4gcTg
|composer = '''Treow'''|lyricist = NaturaLe
|overallPVwork = Shizuka Kitajima
|vocaloid = Hatsune Miku, Megurine Luka
|description =
|uploaddate = 2009.12.09|title2 = |title1 = Blindness}}
{{Infobox song
|nnd_id = sm9467875
|composer = '''Treow''', [[Hoehoe-P]] (guitar)|lyricist = Himidori Rei, Kitajima Jitooru
|overallPVwork = Shizuka Kitajima
|vocaloid = [[GUMI]], Hatsune Miku
|description =
|uploaddate = 2010.01.23|title2 = |title1 = iDOLLA}}
{{Infobox song
|etc = http://nana-music.com/sounds/02a609e2/
|composer = '''Treow''' |lyricist = '''Treow'''
|vocaloid = [[LUMi]]
|description = A demo song for LUMi.
|uploaddate = 2017.06.02|title1 = Lumière星屑の降る海で (Lumière Hoshikuzu no Furu Umi de)}}
# "L'azur"(Oct.19.2008)
# "Chaining Intention"(Nov.08.2008)
===Compilation Albums===
# "Chopsticks Girl"(Dec.18.2008)
{{Scroll box
# "Light Snow"(Dec.21.2008)
|{{Album list
# "~white~"(Dec.31.2008)
|album1= [[Romanworks (ロマンワークス)]]|date1= May 17, 2009|song1= '''Fantasia Nr.1'''
# "Light Snow (Revision)"(Dec.31.2008)
|album2= [[Wakuteka EP (ワクテカEP)]]|date2=September 6, 2009|song2= '''Drain''', '''Honeyed Words'''
# "Dependence Intention"(May.15.2009)
|album3= [[EXIT TUNES PRESENTS Supernova]]|date3=December 2, 2009|song3= '''Blindness'''
# "Fantasia Nr.1"(May.16.2009)
|album4= [[Vocaloid wa Shuumatsudori no Yume o Miru ka? (ボーカロイドは終末鳥の夢をみるか?)]]|date4=March 3, 2010|song4= '''[[*ハロー、プラネット。 (*Hello, Planet.)|*ハロー、プラネット。]](Treow Remix)'''
# "Chaining Intention [Re:form mix]"(Jul.06.2009)
|album5= [[Sou Ai Sei Ri Ron (相愛性理論)]]|date5= April 21, 2010|song5= '''相愛性理論 (Treow Remix)'''
# "Amefuru Hakoniwa"(Jul.22.2009)
|album6= [[EXIT TUNES PRESENTS Supernova 3]]|date6= July 7, 2010|song6= DYE_2
# "Drain"(Sep.04.2009)
|album7= [[Crystalloid]]|date7= November 14, 2010|song7= '''Leucos'''
# "Blindness"(Dec.09.2009)
|album8= [[Hatsune Miku Vision (初音ミク Vision)]]|date8= July 20, 2011|song8= '''Chaining Intention'''
# "iDOLLA"(Jan.22.2010)
|album9= [[POP THE HATSUNE MIKU☆ (ポップ・ザ・初音ミク☆)]]|date9= August 5, 2011|song9= '''Chaining Intention'''
# "iDOLLA"(non-Vocaloid ver.)(Jan.23.2010)
|album10= [[Crystalloid 2013]]|date10= December 17, 2013|song10='''Melas'''
|album11=[[Download feat. 初音ミク]]|date11= December 10, 2014|song11= '''RightxDarkRe:Stand'''}}}}
[[Category:Producer on NicoNico]]
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