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Song title
  • "Tu Tic Tac"
  • English: Your Tick Tock
Published July 03, 2011, with 5,200+ Niconico views and 161,800+ YouTube views
  • maubox
  • Ankari (music, lyrics)
  • Hikusa (illust, video)
  • Asstash (translation)

Background[edit | edit source]

GUMI sings about a passing love, of whom she couldn't avoid her feelings...
—maubox's song page comments

maubox's 6th VOCALOID work and 2nd one using GUMI. A a melancholic song, where a girl (GUMI) choose enter in a relationship, despite her intuition warned her this one probably won't last. At the end her fears come true, and after a bitter break-up the girl is left alone recalling the time they spend together.

According the official website, the song's attacks are taken from a demo sung by ankari, and it's her more polished work in terms of audio edition. GUMI's voice wasn't processed in Reason, as the usual, instead being processed in vocal VSTs. It also used Hatsune Miku's voicebank as back-up in the pronunciation of certain parts that GUMI's voicebank had issues.

Succeeding versions[edit | edit source]

Salsa version
YouTube logo
AlexTrip Sands (arrange), Hikusa (illust, video)
Categories Arrangement
A collab between Alextrip Sands, Ankari and maubox's staff.
YOLO remix
Tu Tic Tac GUMI.jpg
darkbluecat (remix), Hikusa (illust, video), YZYX (mastering)
Categories Arrangement
A electronica remix between darkbluecat, YZYX, Ankari and maubox's staff.

Lyrics[edit | edit source]

Spanish Official English
Se que no me mentiste, y sin querer I know you didn't lie, and without realize
creí que era mucho mas de un mes. I thought it would last longer than a month.
Deje la cordura afuera I left all reason behind
y te ame (te ame, te ame, te ame.) and I loved you (I loved you, I loved you.)

¿Ves? tenia razón por que temer See? I had a reason to be afraid
que la despedida fuera cruel. that this farewell would be cruel.
Me diste más fantasías You just filled me with more fantasies
lloré (lloré, lloré, lloré.) I cried (I cried, I cried, I cried.)

Los días no pasan si no estas. My days won't go by if you're not around.
No puedo dejar de recordar I can't stop to reminiscing
nuestro tiempo dando about our time going
Tic Tac Tick Tock
quiero oír tu I want to hear your
Tic Tac Tick Tock
puedo ser tu I can be your
Tic Tac Tick Tock
mis sentimientos no paran más. my feelings won't stop anymore.

Tic Tac Tick Tock
mi dolor da my ache goes
Tic Tac Tick Tock
sólo por tu tic tac yo just for your tick tock, I
sigo viendo tu silueta en esta habitación. am still seeing your silhouette in this room.

Fui la única tonta que no vi I was the only fool who couldn't see
que lo que pasó quedaba aquí that what happened would stay here
y me hice esperanzas vanas and I gave false hopes
lo sé (lo sé, lo sé lo sé) I know (I know, I know, I know)

Si, por todo el amor que yo te di Yes, because of all the love I gave you
ya no tengo nada mas sin ti. I have nothing left without you.
Tu adiós fue como agua fría. Your farewell was like a bucket of cold water.
Te odié, (te odié, te odié, te odié.) I hated you, (I hated you, I hated you, I hated you.)

Los días no pasan si no estas. My days won't go by if you're not around.
No puedo dejar de lamentar I can't stop regretting
Ni tu ausencia ni tu Tic Tac Your absence nor your Tick Tock
quiero oír tu Tic Tac I want to hear your Tick Tock
puedo ser tu Tic Tac I can be your Tick Tock
mis sentimientos no están de más. my feelings are not unwarranted.

Tic tac Tick Tock
este amor da Tic Tac this loves goes Tick Tock
solo por tu tic tac yo just by your tic tac I
sigo aquí soñando siempre am here always dreaming
con tu Tic Tac with your Tick Tock
quise oír tu Tic Tac I wanted hear your Tick Tock
pude ser tu Tic Tac I could be Tick Tock
mis sentimientos son de verdad. my feelings are real.

Tic Tac Tick Tock
mi dolor dio Tic Tac my ache went Tick Tock
sólo por tu tic tac yo just by your tic tac I
sigo oyendo suavemente tu respiración... am still listening to your breathing...

No soy la que supe ser. I'm not the one I used to be.
Soy su sombra nada más. I'm only her shadow now.
(Una mancha, un deseo, un aspaviento) (A spot, a desire, an exaggeration)

Por eso aun te espero. That's why I'm still waiting for you.
Por eso aun te quiero That's why I'm still loving you.

No hay nada que pueda hacer There's nothing I can do
para volver al tiempo atrás to turn back time.
(No por falta de intentos, ni de lamentos) (Not because of a lack of trying, or regretting)

Sin ti no se que tengo. Without you I don't know what I have left.
Sin ti ya no quiero continuar. Without you I don't want to go on anymore.

No existo cuando tu no estas. I can't exist when you're not around.

Tic Tac quiero oír tu Tic Tac Tick tock I want hear yout Tick tock
(Tic tac nuestro amor dio tic tac) (Tick tock our love went tick tock)
Tic Tac puedo oír tu Tic Tac Tick Tock I can hear your Tick Tock
(Tic tac mi dolor da tic tac) (Tick tock my ache goes tick tock)

Tic tac, tic tac, tic tac, tic tac, tic Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock, tick tock, tick

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Cleon Li's cover
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Cleon Li
Categories Human cover

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