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  • "Two Weeks"
Published November 20, 2015, with 43,200+ YouTube views
  • EmpathP (music, lyrics)
  • Sukeart (illustration)


This is a very personal song, as I wrote it in honor of my friend Daniel Taraschke who passed away Halloween Night. The lyrics and theme of this song is based off the last conversation we had with each other where I said "Goodbye, I'll see you in two weeks". The very next weekend Danny was gone, and I was left with a hole in my heart which I feel every day. This hole has not healed, and I imagine it will never truly heal. But I am comforted in knowing that Danny new how much I loved him. I could thing of no better way of expressing that love for him then in making this song. I hope you will all enjoy it and find your own strength when it comes time to say goodbye to someone you love.
—Author's comment

"Two Weeks" is a demo song for DEX.

This song was released as a single.

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Featuring DEX, DAINA (chorus)
Category Demo


I've framed it up a memory that's captured in full focus
A moment caught in the energy of what I thought your future would be
Collected up in an endlessly paraded string of voices
And at the end of their pageantry the spotlight falls on me

But what else can I say
When I'm still not okay
Every time I remember?

Things I've said from afar
Words I've kept in my heart
Repeating what they were

"These autumn days where nothing stays"
"Two weeks will fly on by in the blink of an eye"
"That's when my dear we'll come back here"
"And do it all again"
"Farewell for now, I'll see you then"

Did somebody block out the sun?
An eclipse stuck in slow motion
Would you be so kind as to help me turn the light back on?
Is the room suddenly colder?
Do my footsteps seem to falter?

Everything's that's happened after washed out in a blur
Those autumn days
Where nothing stays

Two weeks just flew on by
In the blink of an eye
They've gone away
But, I have to stay
The years will fly on by
In the blink of an eye

If you're somewhere
I'll meet you there
And do it all again
Farewell for now, I'll see you then


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