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Ueki-loid (植木ロイド) is a Japanese VOCALOID3 licensed to Music Airport Inc., and as a "private" VOCALOID he is not commercially distributed.



Ueki-loid is based upon the vocals of a famous deceased Japanese comedian, actor, singer and guitarist named Hitoshi Ueki (植木 等 Ueki Hitoshi), who died in 2007 and is a part of the "Legend of VOCALOID" line-up.[1]

Since the original VOCALOID software had been released, it had been hoped that the voices of lost singers like Elvis Presley could be brought back to sing again. Ueki-loid is the first step in that direction, although it has been noted it will be a while before they can attempt a English voicebank using the same techniques.[2]


Uekiloid chokaigi

Album Promotional Artwork

Before his unveiling, YAMAHA was approached with the aim of creating a voicebank based on the voice of the late singer Ueki Hitoshi. Ueki-loid's production began in late 2007 and announced on Nicovideo July 24, 2011.[3][4] While work was being made on the vocal voicebank library, work was neither confirmed or denied by both parties.

The voicebank was developed as follows: First, they made a voicebank from the voice of Hiro Kouichi (surname first), the eldest son of Ueki Hitoshi. Then, by a certain mathematical method, they constructed a transformation function which represented the difference in voice between the two people. Finally, they applied the function to the voicebank.[5][6]

While technology allowed the phonemes to be extracted from recorded vocal tracks in order to create the Ueki-loid, much of the phonetic data was impossible to retrieve, so what is head is mostly the VOCALOID™ engine between lyrics. Still, despite this, a lot of people were pleased with the voice and stated that it sounds similar to Ueki Hitoshi.

A sample can be heard here.


Ueki-loid was the very first attempt by Yamaha to revive a dead singer, but would not be the last with some future vocals taking very different directions.





He is the first VOCALOID from the "Legend of VOCALOID" series and the first vocal to be produced from a deceased singer.

It has been declared he will never be released. An album by the name of "Legend of Vocaloid - Ueki-Loid" was set for release, however, due to complications, it was never released and no further mention of this project has been made since 2012. This was more about promoting the technology that made this possible than the vocal behind the songs.[7][8]


  • "Polyrhythm" by VOCALOID3 ft. Ueki-loid
  • "Demo song" by VOCALOID3 ft. Ueki-loid
  • "呼びました?" by VOCALOID3 ft. Ueki-loid
  • "Forever With You" by VOCALOID3 ft. Ueki-loid



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