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Um (うむ) is an illustrator who had created and provided a number of PVs to various producers; Um's most well-known for the PVs of "FLOWER TAIL" by Yuukiss sung by KAITO, "Go Google it" cover by MEIKO and KAITO and "Ashes to Ashes" by Tennen sung by KAITO.
STATUS:April 2008 → Present
OFFICIAL:Blog: Lilium
URL(s)Nico Nico Twitter
Gallery: Pixiv
PLAYLIST(s):(Nico Nico Douga List)
WORKS: (Upload date)
  1. "Kurenai no Hana" (KAITO) (Feb.18.2008)
  2. "Smiling in the Rain" (MEIKO, Meito) (Apr.21.2008)
  3. "Your Song My Song" (Len) (May.01.2008)
  4. "Lovers Again" (KAITO) (Jul.19.2008)
  5. "Gusoku Musha" (KAITO) (Aug.11.2008)
  6. "Gusoku Musha" (Gackpo) (Aug.11.2008)
  7. "The Sun was Born" (MEIKO, KAITO) (Aug.29.2008)
  8. "Fog" (MEIKO, Meito) (Sep.15.2008)
  9. "Condor" (KAITO) (Oct.31.2008)
  10. "Earth Devil" (MEIKO, KAITO, Meito) (Nov.21.2008)
  11. "Flood of Emotions" (Rin) (Dec.07.2008)
  12. "Sunshine Rain" (KAITO) (Dec.08.2008)
  13. "Red" (KAITO, Len) (Dec.16.2008)
  14. "knowledge" (Miku) (Dec.18.2008)
  15. "Suzumeno Tears" (MEIKO) (Jan.19.2009)
  16. "Hai wa Hai ni" (KAITO) (Mar.16.2009)
  17. "Hanamizuki" (MEIKO) (Mar.22.2009)
  18. "Go Google It" (MEIKO, KAITO) (Apr.06.2009)
  19. "lostsheep" (KAITO) (Apr.26.2009)
  20. "karakara" (Luka) (May.12.2009)
  21. "Sunshine Rain" (KAITO) (Aug.11.2009)
  22. "Man-Machine" (Luka) (Aug.28.2009)
  23. "Misebaya" (KAITO) (Sep.04.2009)
  24. "Glass" (Len) (Sep.23.2009)
  25. "Queen of the Red Lights" (MEIKO) (Nov.05.2009)
  26. "ru.ru.ru. ma.ma.ma" (Miku) (Jan.15.2010)
  27. "Something Beautiful" (MEIKO) (Apr.06.2010)
  28. "Atafata" (Rin) (Apr.26.2010)
  29. "Night Sledding" (Rin) (Apr.30.2010)
  30. "Aqua" (MEIKO, Rin, Len) (Aug.01.2010)
  31. "Traveler's Nochurn" (GUMI) (Aug.12.2010)
  32. "Moonlight Track" (MEIKO, Meito) (Aug.16.2010)
  33. "FLOWER TAIL" (KAITO) (Mar.24.2011)
  34. "Wish Upon A Star" (MEIKO) (Nov.04.2011)
  35. "Relics of Cloud (alternative)" (MEIKO) (Jul.10.2012)
  36. "Hito ga Hoshi ni Negau Wake" (MEIKO) (Nov.4.2012)
  37. "Shabon no Salamander" (KAITO) (Feb.02.2013)
  38. "The Improvisatore" (KAITO) (May.23.2013)
  39. "Yowai Hyaku made" (KAITO) (Feb.14.2014)
  40. "DEVOTION" (KAITO) (Feb.15.2016)

Songs / Featured Works[]

紅の花 (Kurenai no Hana)

Uploaded 2008.02.18 Featuring KAITO
Music Wanderer-P Main article 紅の花 (Kurenai no Hana)
Lyrics Wanderer-P
Video Um (illust)
This song has entered Hall of Fame.

愚足武者 (Gusoku Musha)

Uploaded 2008.08.19 Featuring KAITO, Camui Gackpo
Music Wanderer-P Main article 愚足武者 (Gusoku Musha)
Lyrics Wanderer-P
Video Um (illust)
This song has entered Hall of Fame.

石畳の緋き悪魔 (Ishidatami no Akaki Akuma)

Uploaded 2008.09.21 Featuring MEIKO, KAITO, AKAITO
Music Paprika-P (cover) Main article 石畳の緋き悪魔 (Ishidatami no Akaki Akuma)
Video Um (illust)
A cover of a song made originally by Sound Horizon.

スズメノナミダ (Suzume no Namida)

Uploaded 2009.01.19 Featuring MEIKO
Music Peperon-P Main article スズメノナミダ (Suzume no Namida)
Lyrics Asaki No'9
Video Various (illust)
This song has entered the Hall of Fame.

ハイハハイニ (Hai wa Hai ni)

Uploaded 2009.03.16 Featuring KAITO
Music Tennen Main article ハイハハイニ (Hai wa Hai ni)
Lyrics Niboshi
Video Um (illust), Anira (video)
Tennen's most famous work with over 300,000 views. It is featured in the game Project DIVA f.


Uploaded 2011.03.24 Featuring KAITO
Music yuukiss Main article FLOWER TAIL
Lyrics yuukiss
Video Um
yuukiss' song for the compilation "AO". This song has reached over 400,000 views and has entered the Hall of Fame.

しゃぼんのサラマンドラ (Shabon no Salamandre)

Uploaded 2013.02.02 Featuring KAITO
Music Bucchigiri-P Main article しゃぼんのサラマンドラ (Shabon no Salamandre)
Lyrics Bucchigiri-P
Video Um (illust), Bucchigiri-P (video), Mikepochi (logo)

The Improvisatore

Uploaded 2013.05.23 Featuring KAITO
Music Ebot Main article The Improvisatore
Lyrics Ebot
Video Um (illust), Unin (video)


Uploaded 2016.02.15 Featuring KAITO
Music Re:nG Main article DEVOTION
Lyrics yuki
Video Um (illust)


Ashes to Ashes kaito.jpg
KAITO's requiem Module, for the song Ashes to Ashes. From the videogame: Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA- f
Hai wa hai ni f loading screen.png
Um's loading screen for the song "Hai wa Hai ni". From the video game Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA- f.
Kaito 22.jpg
KAITO's "Requiem" module, for the song "Ashes to Ashes". From the video game: Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA- Arcade Future Tone
Shabon no Salamandre concept art.jpg
KAITO concept artwork of "Shabon no Salamandre".